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40 Middle School Moments That Made You Feel All The Awkward

Middle school can be life's equivalent to waving at someone who isn't waving to you...super awkward. At least you can fast-forward through the awkward skin part with CLEAN & CLEAR®.

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2. Making eye contact with a teacher during a test.

3. Walking into the wrong classroom.

4. Slow dancing with a sweaty boy.

5. Having to change into your gym clothes because your summer clothes weren't "up to code."

7. Getting called to the principal's office while you're in class.

8. Calling your teacher "Mom" by mistake.

9. Introducing yourself in a new class on the first day (and hoping you don't need to share a "fun fact").

10. Getting picked up from school by your mom, since she's a generally embarrassing person.

12. Changing for PE, every single time.

13. Your face getting red and your mouth drying up during a class presentation.

14. Snorting from holding in laughter in class 'cause your BFF is hilarious.

15. Sitting next to the kid who decided to try wearing the entire can of body spray.

17. Having your teacher's butt in your face as they lean over some other kid's desk.

18. Getting picked up by your friend's mom after school and sitting silently in the car while the two of them argue.

19. Nervously looking around during a test and your teacher saying, "Eyes on your own paper," directly to you.

20. Coming back to school after summer break and realizing that nerdy kid has gotten hot.

22. Getting food caught in your braces in the cafeteria.

23. Or a brace bracket popping off because you dared to eat candy for dessert.

24. Having a huge zit on picture day.

25. Making eye contact with your crush while goofing off hardcore with your squad.

27. Seeing a dude's wispy armpit hair in gym class.

28. Being called on to answer a question while you were clearly spacing out.

29. Being made an example of in gym class (especially when it's the "wrong way" to do a push-up).

30. Popping a zit and making it look 7,343,402 times worse.

32. Existing on Valentine's Day.

33. Being picked last in gym class.

34. Getting caught taking a selfie in the library.

35. Asking the school nurse for a pad or tampon.

37. Sitting out in gym, doing homework on the bleachers because of cramps.

38. Having anything confiscated by a teacher.

39. Looking for your friends at lunch on the first day of school.

40. Your teacher saying a curse word.

When things get awkward, just laugh it off. When your skin gets awkward, just use CLEAN & CLEAR®.

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