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    • cldl2010

      She was fine until she got a dog. She got the dog without telling us, but we didn’t really think it was a big deal. The first red flag should have been when she wasn’t even around to pick up the dog herself and called our ther roommate to do it. This poor dog had some type of separation anxiety and would whine and cry all day once my roommate left. My roommate was a full time student and worked a lot of hours so wasn’t home very often. Did her habits change when she adopted this high strung, anxious, loud, non-housebroken dog? No. She literally just locked the dog in the cage and left it there all day, with no food or water, oftentimes in its own poo and pee. The dog would whine and cry and scratch the cage for sometimes an hour or more. The dog was only properly cared for when one of us other roommates would go and check on her and walk her, which we had permission from the roommate to do whenever she wasn’t home, until randomly one day she posted a sign saying don’t go into her room. The worst day was when the dog was sick with a stomach bug, the roommate asked me to check on her when I got home, which I did, and as soon as I started walking up the stairs, I could smell that I was going to walk into a major mess. The poor dog, who had been left alone all day with no food or water, had vomited, had diarrhea, and peed all over the cage - so much that it leaked out into the carpet. The dog was whining and crying louder than ever. In addition, the dog must have found a way to poke her paws through the cage bars because one patch of carpet had a hole worn into it, as if the dog was furiously scratching into it.

    • cldl2010

      I’m an American, and at the time I was in Italy and I had a UTI, so I had to use the restroom often, and really quick when I felt the urge to pee. In Napoli, there was a shopping area and I had to go to the bathroom, and I was able to find the restroom area easily enough, but when I walked to the doors, I couldn’t tell which was the men’s bathroom and which was the women’s! The only indication were two very abstract images that I had never seen before, so I just picked the one that j thought it was, and of course I was wrong. To make matters worse, when I left the bathroom, there was a huge line of people waiting who saw me walk out of the bathroom and realize my mistake.

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