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    Top 10 Pro-Life Things You Can Do This Summer

    Summer is here! You know what that means: ice cream, sunshine and pro-life activism! Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and longer days to save some babies! Check out the list of things you can do below in your city with your friends, youth group and community of pro-lifers to become more actively involved in the most important movement in Canada!

    1. Visit your MP!

    Summer is the perfect time to visit your MP since parliament is out of session and most MPs spend more time in their local constituency offices. Although visiting your MP may seem intimidating, CLC Youth has easy-to-follow instructions on how to achieve a pleasant and effective visit on our website here!

    2. Defund Abortion Pamphleting Blitz!!

    Blitz it up by getting a group of your friends together on a sunny afternoon to deliver our snazzy Defund Abortion pamphlets to mailboxes in your neighbourhood! This is an easy and effective way to educate people in your city about tax-payer funded abortions and encourage them to contact their MPP to bring forward legislation to defund abortion from your provincial health care plan. Whether you live in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Quebec, Newfoundland or Alberta, we have special Defund Abortion pamphlets designed specifically for your province! Check out a sample here. Contact us at to order yours today (free of charge)!

    3. Sidewalk Chalk!

    Think sidewalk chalk is only for children? Guess again! Grab a bunch of chalk, get your friends together and chalk pro-life slogans on busy sidewalks in your city. This is a fun, easy and effective way to spread the pro-life message in a colourful and unique way. Some examples of slogans are Abortion Hurts Women, Women Need Love Not Abortion, Heartbeat Begins Beating at 21 Days and Social Justice Begins in the Womb. For a complete list of slogans and suggestions, check out our website here.

    4. Petition It!

    If you can ask One Direction for their autograph, you can ask your friends and members of your community. Print off our Defund Abortion petition here or our Justin Trudeau petition here and ask your friends, family, church members and community members to sign. Mail them back to CLC Youth and we will ensure that your MP and MPPs receive them along with all other signed petitions from your riding in our future lobbying efforts to show politicians that their constituents care about life issues and so should they!

    5. Organize a Pro-Life Speaker at your Church or Community Centre!

    Everybody needs a little inspiration sometimes! Book a pro-life speaker from one of the many amazing pro-life youth organizations across Canada (CLC Youth, CCBR, NCLN) to help motivate and guide your community to become more actively involved in the pro-life movement. You never know who is listening and whose life you could be changing!

    6. Witness Outside Your Local Hospital/ Abortion Clinic

    Many times when you ask women why they chose abortion, they respond, "I thought I had no other choice". Many women aren't told simple facts about their pregnancy- such as when the baby's heart starts beating- that could influence their decision to abort. Having young and hopeful people who are dedicating their spare time solely to help women in need, can change a woman's heart and save a baby's life. Call CLC Youth for some signs as shown in the picture above, along with pregnancy help line numbers , so women can call and get the resources and help they need to be able to choose life.

    7. Organize a Defund Abortion Mini Rally in front of your Local MPP/ MNA/ MLA or MHA's office!

    The Ontario provincial election is just around the corner, which means there's no better time than to send a loud and clear message that defunding abortion is something constituents want to see. Whether you live in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec or Newfoundland- we can help you hold a defund abortion mini rally in front of your provincial legislator's office. We will send you advertising posters to hang up in your churches, signs and other essential items you need to make this happen. There's no better way to get your voice heard and your issue brought to the forefront of provincial politics than to show your local politicians that the people they represent support this cause! Click here to see photos, articles and television coverage of past mini rallies!

    8. "Choice" Chain

    "Choice" Chain is a pro-life demonstration that exposes the injustice of abortion. It can be done by pro-life organizations or by groups of individuals. It involves people standing on public sidewalks primarily holding 3x4-foot signs of first-trimester aborted babies. Post-abortive women and men who participate are encouraged to hold "I Regret My Abortion" and "I Regret Lost Fatherhood" signs. Besides these messages, participants hand out pamphlets to passersby and engage people in discussions. Injustice that is invisible, inevitably becomes tolerable. If you want to convert people on the spot, organize a "choice" chain in your city today!

    9. Hold a Summer Pro-Life Fundraising Bonanza!

    Whether it be a car wash, a dance, a garage sale or any other fundraising venture, you can organize one in your city with your friends, family and community members. Charge a small fee for admittance, sell snacks and baked goods, and give the money to a pro-life organization who is on the front lines of this fight for life. It's easy, it's fun and it makes a HUGE difference.

    10. Be a Social Media Warrior!

    Although none of us want to be slacktivists, only acting behind the safeguards of our computer screens, you can't discount the power of social media. Be sure to "like" CLC Youth's Facebook page here, as well as other pro-life organizations that are out there making a difference. Repost modern pro-life memes, youth blogs talking about pro-life issues, and pictures of you doing activism to lead by example to hundreds of people on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Lives have been saved because people have made it known that they are compassionately and fervently pro-life, so women know who to turn to if they find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. You can also bring other people into the movement by showing that you are unafraid to speak out for the unborn and that doing this type of activism changes the world for the better!!

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