14 Reasons Fake Nails Are The Absolute Worst

We all know that they look pretty freaking fabulous, but let’s be real, they are a pain in the a%$.

1. When you first get them done, you struggle to put on any type of clothing.

It’s like you need an engineer to figure out how to zip up your pants and button your shirt.

2. If something is in your eye, you’re better off leaving it.

Unless you want to scratch a cornea.

3. You can’t eat hot wings.

Well you can try and then I dare you to get whatever was stuck in your eye.

4. Or any type of messy finger foods for that matter.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via wordpress.com

Cheetos, white cheddar popcorn, glazed donuts…unless you want to save it for later.

5. Being able to type anything correctly on a touch screen is a thing of the past.

Even autocorrect can’t help you.

6. And don’t even think about typing on a regular keyboard…

7. No more successful nose picking.

Seriously we all do it.

8. I hope you really like your lotion.

That stuff will stay under there for weeks.

9. You have to learn how to tie your shoes all over again.

You genuinely will look like you are 5.

10. There is a new difficulty to drinking from a soda can.

At that point you don’t even want the dang thing anymore.

11. Not being able to put your hair up in a ponytail.

That last loop is always the struggle.

12. You have a love/hate relationship with washing your hair.

Love the way it feels. Hate the way it gets stuck under your nails.

13. Not being able to pick up ANYTHING.

Especially change or paper. Honestly just leave it, you’re better off.

14. And any jewelry that has a clasp, forget it.

A million times, just don’t even try.

Not to mention, they ruin your nails. Suggestion: Get the gel manicure.

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