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Top-Rated Pancake Recipes From Around The World

We have collected the best, easiest and unusual pancake recipes from around the world: from Asia and South America, plus one recipe from Africa and one Australian. As we move farther, the pancake recipes will become more and more exotic and more interesting. If you want to try any of these pancakes, go to MyGreatRecipes and find great, easy and simple pancake recipes.

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Asian Pancakes

1.Chinese Pancakes

The Chinese pancakes are called Bings. The most famous variant for us, the scallion pancake, or cong you bing, is made from savory wheat-based dough and fried in a pan, which makes it very crispy and greasy. It is usually eaten with soy sauce dipping.

3.Japanese Pancake

The meaning of these pancakes is “what you want”. Okonomiyaki are savory pancakes made with flour, eggs, cabbage and anything else that comes to mind. You can fryseafood or pork beforehand or put them inside the batter and fry them together.

4.Korean Pancakes

Kimchijeon or Kimchi pancakes are flour pancakes with chopped spicy pickled cabbage (kimchi) and scallions.

The other Korean variant, hotteok, is made of sweet wheat-based dough which includes yeast and looks more like bread. The fillings are also sweet: honey, syrup or caramel. The cakes are pressed to melt the filling and roast the outside a little bit.

The jeon pancakes are more like the Japanese recipe. Fried chicken, seafood, or vegetables are covered with the pancake mix.

5.Indonesian Pancakes

The serabi pancakes have a coconut twist because of the coconut milk inside. They are made of rice flour and cooked in a pan. They can be eaten with sweet toppings like chocolate chips, or savory toppings, like cheese. They can be also found in yellowish- golden color and greencolor if they are made with certain herbs and spices.

7.Indian Pancakes

There are several pancakes you can eat in India. The uttapam recipe is made of rice and lentil batter full of spices and onions.

Roti is a thin pancake made of wheat dough. The fillings are usually made with curry or other strong spices.

Martabak are made of very thin dough fried in a pan, stuffed with meat-based filling and spiced. Than it is fried again and sliced for serving. There is also a sweet version of the martabak.

South American Pancakes

1.Mexican Pancakes

In the way of preparation and the ingredients the tortilla is also a pancake. You know all the delicious recipes you can make with tortillas-from tacos to enchiladas. There also the Mexican hotcakes, which are very close to the American pancakes with cinnamon.

2.Venezuelan Pancakes

Very similar to tortillas in Mexico, only thinner and more neutral in taste, the base of the Venezuelan pancakes, arepas or cachapas, is made of cornmeal, usually filled with cheese, seafood or meat. They can also be found in Columbia.

Very similar to the Venezuelan arepas and Mexican tortillas, the Salvadorian papusa are also thick, made of cornmeal and stuffed with meat, beans or cheese.

3.African Pancakes

The injera is from Ethiopia. It is made of sour flour left to ferment for a few days. It is then cooked on an open fire, usually in a clay pan. It is very spongy and can be served with meat or vegetables. There are versions of this recipe in Erithrea and in Somalia. The Somalian anjero recipe uses yeast to get the spongy texture.

4.Australian Pancakes

The Australian pancakes are very small and thick. They are served as a snack with creams or jams.

Well folks, this is the end of our journey. I hope you found something simple and delicious to cook for your breakfast tomorrow. There are countless variants of the pancake recipe you can enjoy.

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