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Vanessa Hudgens' Heart-Wrenching Performance In "Grease: Live" Wowed Everyone

The actor's father died of cancer shortly before the production.

Just hours before her performance in Grease: Live was set to begin, Vanessa Hudgens announced her father had died of cancer.

From critics to fellow performers to viewers, just about everyone agreed that Hudgens' performance as Rizzo would have made him proud.

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Imagine you had Vanessa Hudgens' day, and doing that. What a superhero. In total awe.

So many extra feelings for #BettyRizzo tonight. @GoGrease @VanessaHudgens

AND to perform under those circumstances? I mean, props to that lovely lady. @VanessaHudgens #GreaseLive

Impossible not to get extra emotional from Vanessa Hudgens on "There Are Worse Things I Could Do.” Well done. #GreaseLive

I will never underestimate Vanessa Hudgens again. #GreaseLive

New girl crush alert ... @VanessaHudgens 🔥 who is seriously crushing this #GreaseLive #TeamRiz

After the cast took their bows, Fox even dedicated the production to Hudgens' father, Greg.

Sweet dedication at the end #GreaseLive