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People Are Not Happy The Tenors Added "All Lives Matter" To The Canadian National Anthem

The group performed Tuesday night at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

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Canadian group The Tenors sang Canada's national anthem at Tuesday's All-Star Game, swapping out some of the lyrics to include "all lives matter."

One member of The Tenors replaced the "O Canada" line, "With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free!" to sing, "We're all brothers and sisters, all lives matter to the brave."

Remigio Pereira of the group sang the line and also held up a card that read, "All lives matter."

Member of the Tenors, singing the Canadian anthem here, just held "All Lives Matter" card up during the song:

Canadians and others called the change to the lyrics disrespectful — whether you agree with the political sentiment or not.

Everyone have a listen to the disrespect The Tenors just showed to our Canadian anthem. Are you kidding me? #ASG

Tenors butchering our Canadian national anthem is an insult to our great land. The anthem represents all of us.

The Tenors just became Canada's number 1 hated band... Breaking Nickelback's 15 year streak at #1

"From far and wide O Canada Jet fuel can't melt steel beams" - The Canadian Tenors at their next performance, probably

The message hurt the black community, others said.

The Tenors is an accurate description of Canadian racism, believe you're doing well but actually hurting people

"And now, please welcome the Tenors, to somehow insult the black community and ruin the Canadian anthem at the same time. Play ball!"

Even Americans chimed in.

I'm an American & I'm pissed by what the Tenors did to O, Canada. Anthem lyrics don't change...ever. #AllStarGame

Imagine if someone messed with the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner! #tenors #AllStarGame #ohcanada

The group later released a statement apologizing for a "lack of judgment" and blaming the change on one member. He will not be performing with The Tenors until further notice.

"The other members of the group are shocked and embarrassed by the actions of Remigio Pereira, who changed the lyrics of our treasured anthem and used this coveted platform to serve his own political views," the statement said. "Our sincere apologies and regrets go out to everyone who witnessed this shameful act, to our fellow Canadians, to Major League Baseball, to our friends, families, fans and to all those affected."

But maybe, in the end, bashing The Tenors brought people together after all.

What's galvanizing us as a nation is a hatred for The Tenors, and people not watching the game but joining in with "oh ya **** those guys"