“It was just crazy. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

Claudia Koerner • 4 hours ago

Izmir Koch attacked a man outside of a restaurant, punching and kicking him after asking if he was Jewish, authorities said.

Claudia Koerner • One day ago

Walker showed a chart on Friday to argue Wisconsin Republicans’ power grab was not a power grab.

Claudia Koerner • 4 days ago

"We do believe that the victim was targeted," a police sergeant said.

Claudia Koerner • 5 days ago

After an international manhunt, police discovered the shooter on Thursday night not far from the original focus of the search in Strasbourg.

Claudia Koerner • 5 days ago

Several others were injured in the attack, and authorities are investigating it as terrorism.

Mitch Prothero • 7 days ago

The university denounced the statements, but some students want the school to take more aggressive steps to deal with racism on campus.

Claudia Koerner • 8 days ago

"Oh it's all kicking off now!"

Claudia Koerner • 8 days ago

The nuns’ order said it planned to fully pay back the money.

Claudia Koerner • 11 days ago

The threat was made by phone Thursday night, just before President Trump tweeted about "fake news."

Claudia Koerner • 12 days ago

Three women have accused the celebrity astrophysicist of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Claudia Koerner • 18 days ago

The Department of Homeland Security has reportedly requested 4,000 active-duty troops remain at the southern border until Jan. 31.

Claudia Koerner • 18 days ago

The alleged officer-on-officer brutality took place at a 2017 protest against police brutality.

Claudia Koerner • 19 days ago

Michael Avenatti said he's tried to be a "champion" for Daniels, but she said she's not sure he'll continue to represent her.

Claudia Koerner • 20 days ago

Hours later, the military said the notice was meant for a training drill and had been sent out in the area of Walter Reed Medical Center in error.

Claudia Koerner • 21 days ago

Mowry-Housley returned to The Real Monday for the first time since her niece, Alaina Housley, was killed in a mass shooting.

Claudia Koerner • 22 days ago

More than 300 experts, including government employees, agree that climate change is already impacting the US, and without action, it will get much worse.

Claudia Koerner • 22 days ago

The brutal attack appears to have been random, St. Louis County's prosecuting attorney said.

Claudia Koerner • 27 days ago

She exchanged hundreds of emails with government officials and her assistants, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

Claudia Koerner • 29 days ago

The woman died at a hospital on Monday as police in St. Louis tried to find the unidentified man.

Claudia Koerner • 29 days ago