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    29 Best Buddha Bowls & Healthy Bowls Recipes

    February, not January, is the month for healthy resolutions. But you need tasty, delicious recipes. Try these buddha & healthy bowls from the best food bloggers on the web.

    1. buddha bowl with pomegranate vinaigrette

    Gourmet Project / Via

    2. Greek Quinoa Bowls

    Peas & Crayons / Via

    3. Warm Sorghum Salad with Kohlrabi, Apple, & Fennel

    Strenght & Sunshine / Via

    4. Buddha Bowl With Roasted Garlic Sauce

    A Virtual Vegan / Via

    5. Green Power Bowl

    Elephantastic Vegan / Via

    6. Deconstructed Sushi Bowl

    Elephantastic Vegan / Via

    7. Peri Peri Warm Chicken Salad with Lime Dressing

    Adore Foods / Via

    8. Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Bowls with Basil Yogurt Dressing

    Turnip the Oven / Via

    9. Greek Couscous Bowls

    Dinner at the Zoo / Via

    10. Roasted Delicata Squash, Kale, and Leeks with Farro

    Mary Kasprzak ! Blossom to Stem / Via

    11. Chicken and Black Bean Burrito Bowl

    Ehere Latin Meets Lagniappe / Via

    Recipe Here

    12. Chicken Burrito Bowl

    Feed Your Soul Too / Via

    13. Whole Grain Rice Bowls with Massaged Kale & Veggies

    A Side of Sweet / Via

    14. Honey Sriracha Chicken Bowls

    Kitchen Konfidence / Via

    15. Blackened Tilapia Taco Bowls

    The Chunky Chef / Via

    16. Stir fried quinoa with shrimp and vegetables

    That Girl Cooks Healthy / Via

    17. Thai Tempeh Buddha Bowl

    Fit Mitten Kitchen / Via

    18. Vegan Quinoa Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowls with Creamy Pesto Tahini Sauce

    Avocado Pesto / Via

    19. Roasted Veggie and Brown Rice Bowl

    Veggie Inspired / Via

    20. spicy vegetable buckwheat bowls

    Harriet Emily / Via

    21. Shrimp Fajita Bowls

    The Kitchenarium / Via

    22. Edamame Quinoa Buddha Bowl with Miso Tahini Dressing

    Create Mindfully / Via

    23. Quinoa and Sweet Potato Bowl with Chimichurri

    Nutritious Eats / Via

    24. Black Eyed Peas with Smoky Collards and Cheesy Grits

    Traci York | Vanilla & Bean / Via

    25. Green Bowl with Gomasio

    Contentedness Cooking / Via

    26. Eggplant Bliss Bowl with Mint and Cilantro Chutney

    Healthy Nibbles & Bits / Via

    27. Scattered Sushi Rice Bowl

    Te Cook's Pyjamas / Via

    28. Thai Style Buddha Bowl with Peanut Sauce

    Leelaliscious / Via

    29. Spiralized Vegetable Noodle Bowls With Peanut Sauce

    Domestic Gothess / Via