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    15 Ridiculously Tasty Burgers That'll Make You Quit Fast Food Forever

    Home-cooked > fast food.

    1. Brie Burger

    Gourmet Project / Via

    2. Mushroom Quinoa Burgers With Roasted Garlic and Thyme Mayonnaise

    Delicious Everyday / Via

    3. Buffalo Chicken Burgers

    Watch Learn Eat / Via

    4. Blue Cheese Burgers With Crispy Pancetta and Onion Chutney

    Supergolden Bakes / Via

    5. Maple Apple Glazed Pork and Leek Burgers

    Simple Seasonals / Via

    6. Beef Rendang Poutine Burger

    Brunch Bites / Via

    7. Parmesan and Wine Burger

    Gourmet Project / Via

    8. Malai Chicken Tikka Sliders With Homemade Pickles and Salsa

    La Petite Chef / Via

    9. Poached Egg Burger With Garlic Aioli

    La Petit Chef / Via

    10. Blue Cheese and Crispy Fried Onion Burger

    Jo Cooks / Via

    11. Cauliflower Quinoa Burger With Mushrooms and Onions

    Rhubarbarians / Via

    12. Homemade Falafel Burgers With Tzatziki

    Lauren Caris Cooks / Via

    13. Mediterranean Brie Burger With Olive Fig Relish

    Girl in the little Red Kitchen / Via

    14. Salmon Burger With Garlic Herb Mayonnaise

    Green Healthy cooking / Via

    15. Umami Burger

    Platings & Pairings / Via

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