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24 Signs You Studied Abroad In Vienna

Wienerschnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat, bitte!

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3. You bought all of your family’s souvenirs at the Saturday morning flea market near Naschmarkt / Via

Finding the perfect gift was always easy when there were over 400 tents selling everything from paintings of Vienna, to fur coats and vintage postcards.

6. Need groceries or a new outfit on a Sunday? Too bad. Everything is closed! / Via

Everyone ran into this struggle at least one. In Vienna, it is impossible to find grocery and clothing stores open so everybody stocks up on Saturday night.

13. You saw this everywhere you went / Via

"The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt is a very famous piece of art held at the Belvedere in Vienna. You can spot any tourist in the city if they have a tote bag with "The Kiss" on it.

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