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    8 Reasons Why Classic FM's John Suchet Is Classier Than Ron Burgundy

    Don't act like you're not impressed.

    This is John Suchet.


    We took one look at his perfectly coiffed hair and his history of impeccable news broadcasting and decided that he was a bigger deal than Anchorman's Ron Burgundy...

    1. John Suchet has an entire studio of emotion

    Ron Burgundy only has a glass case of emotion.

    2. John Suchet has written many leather-bound books


    Ron Burgundy just 'has' many leather-bound books.

    3. John Suchet would win in a news team fight, hands down


    The combined presenting might of Nicholas Owen, Charlotte Green, Aled Jones and Alan Titchmarsh will see the sewers run red with Burgundy's blood. Get ready for a Classic takedown…

    4. John Suchet is a consummate professional and not fazed by question marks

    Ron Burgundy is fazed by question marks.

    5. John Suchet plays jazz trombone


    Ron Burgundy only plays jazz flute.

    6. John Suchet's loud noises are superior


    That's right. He's better than Brick Tamland, too.

    7. John Suchet is more refined

    His favourite way to relax is with "Beethoven in my ears, a glass of German Riesling, and the Times crossword."


    Ron Burgundy just loves Scotch.


    And milk. No-one ever said 'German Riesling was a bad choice.'

    8. The hair. It's just better.


    When it comes down to it, John's confident, silky, wolf-like mane is the natural victor over Burgundy's harassed barnet.

    It might be salon quality, but it's just not Classic.

    Stay Classic, John. Stay Classic.

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