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32 Suggestions To Help You Feel A Bit Better ASAP

You got this and we're here to help!

If today is one of those days when the universe seems to be responding to your best efforts with more and more crap, we feel you. We got you.

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Before we dive into all the quick ways to make today a little better, let's get a palate cleanser to reset the brain.

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*chef's kiss* Panda bellies.

1. Search for images of your favorite animal + the word "wearing" + whatever the search engine autofills with. Enjoy.

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Some examples: Sloth wearing pajamas, goat wearing sweater, cat wearing hat, parrot wearing tie, etc.

2. Leave your phone behind and go for a quick walk outside.

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It might feel foreign to be without your phone, but after a while it will feel freeing. Look at a tree. Greet a squirrel. Sing out loud. Live your life!

3. If you can't go outside, watch a nature video.

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Some great bigger channels are BBC Earth, National Geographic, and Nature on PBS.

4. Watch video compilations of things that always make you smile.

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Like babies laughing, newscaster fails, TV bloopers, and the best Vines of all time.

5. Soothe your soul with some sandy ASMR videos.

6. Look away from your screen. Lock a soft gaze on an object for 15–30 seconds. Return to what you were doing.

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Congrats! You just did a mini meditation. Learn more about the exercise here and find other great mini meditations on Headspace's YouTube page.

7. Text a funny GIF to a friend without any context.

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You just reconnected with a friend and got a good chuckle. High five!

8. Or text a friend asking them to send you something funny.


Once again you got a two-for-one: a chuckle and a chat.

9. Eat something that makes your tummy smile.

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Ice cream? Fruit? Chocolate? Cookies? Fried food? Gobble up that good stuff.

10. Eat something spicy.

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Fun fact: Peppers contain capsaicin, which makes your brain think it's in pain. The brain releases endorphins in response. Boom. Spice up your life.

11. Say the word "onomatopoeia" out loud. Now try it in an accent.

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Other good words to add in are "snickerdoodle," "persnickety," and "conundrum."

12. Bust a move to a song that makes you feel sexy.

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Pop, lock, and drop it, henny!!

13. Blast a song that makes you feel less alone.

14. If you got a car, blast your favorite song and sing it at the top of your lungs.

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If you're feeling extra bold, roll those windows down and shout it loud for all the world to hear.

15. Watch the trailer for your favorite childhood movie.

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And then watch another, and another, and repeat until your smile is wider than your VHS collection.

16. Or read an excerpt from your favorite childhood book.

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Never too old to dive back into some Silverstein or Seuss.

17. Say hello to a plant. Touch the plant. The plant is now your friend.

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Plants! Good to look at and very good for your brain!

18. Make a bunch of funny faces in the mirror. The sillier the better.

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Just the act of smiling can improve your mood.

19. Dive headfirst into your favorite sub-group online.

Adore likl' dogs with tippy taps, chuckle with some chönky cats, be amused by animals being jerks, get the DL on some disapproving corgis, or whatever quirky online community always lifts your spirits up.

20. Think about the last thing that made you literally laugh out loud.

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Was it something you saw? A joke you heard? A v dank meme? Does thinking about it make you laugh again?

21. Do a small stretch wherever you are.

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Roll the neck, touch your toes, shake out your wrists, stretch your arms. Get some stretch inspo here.

22. Watch an inspirational talk online.

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Try looking up acceptance speeches, commencement speeches, TED Talks, or just straight-up type "inspirational speech" into the search bar.

23. If you got some spare $$$, send someone $5 with a message saying, "for coffee, candy, or whatever makes you smile."

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You'll make their day and in turn make yours, too.

24. Write yourself a compliment or something inspirational on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you'll see it daily.

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Bring the self-love into the real world and remind yourself why you are the bomb dot com and worthy as heck!

25. Now write your negative feelings on a different piece of paper. Completely obliterate that piece of paper.

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Get all the negative thoughts out of your head. Scribble 'em down. Smear them with dirt. Rip them to shreds. Burn them (outside and somewhere safe, lol). Completely destroy them until you don't recognize that negativity.

26. Browse recipes and pick one to make this week.

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And when it's time to cook, have FUN. Pour your favorite drink and turn on your favorite album. Don't stress about doing it right. Enjoy the act of doing it. If it's bad, at least you tried!

27. Plan a solo self-care day.

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Turn off your phone and read a book. Spend the night giving your body a lil' TLC. Do what makes you feel good and do the most.

28. Look up optical illusions and feel like a kid again.

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Re-ask yourself, What the friggin HOW?! Blow your mind all over again.

29. Draw the last thing you saw that made you smile.

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Don't worry about it being good. Just draw whatever made you happiest.

30. Not a doodler? Write a poem about how you're feeling right now.

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Try writing a haiku or an acrostic about your mood. Not feeling poetry? Write a verse for a song.

31. Give someone else a genuine compliment.

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Making others feel good can make you feel good!!

32. Think back to the last really bad day you had. Now think about the time that has passed since then. There were good moments between then and now. A better day is coming. Hang in there.

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