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14 Ways To Give Back That Don't Require A Ton Of Time Or Money

Giving back doesn't have to take all your time or your money.

1. Volunteer online from the comfort of your own home.

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If doing good from the comfort of your couch is more of your speed there are plenty of volunteer opportunities you can do online! Services like VolunteerMatch have a wide range of virtual volunteer opportunities you can lend your time to.

2. Support businesses that give back to worthy causes.

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There's a whole category of charitable businesses that give back. When you buy products from charitable companies you're helping support a bigger cause. Take a look at this list of charitable companies to get some inspiration on what to support.

3. Download apps that donate proceeds to charities.

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If you're not a frequent shopper but still want to support charitable companies, there are countless mobile apps that donate portions of their profits. if you're passionate about helping the animal kingdom, check out this list highlighting some apps that donate to the World Wildlife Fund.

4. Make your Amazon purchases matter with AmazonSmile.

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Do you do all your shopping through Amazon? Sign up to shop through AmazonSmile. It has the same amazing items and prices PLUS the option to have a portion of the purchase price donated to a charity of your choice. There are over a million organizations you can choose to support!

5. Save money and give back while you shop.

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Who doesn't love getting a great deal while online shopping? Goodshop is a service that provides all sorts of coupons to use on the internet. When you shop with Goodshop you get a great deal and you also get to choose a charitable organization to donate to!

6. Use your special skills to help others.

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Everybody has their own special set of skills that they have learned over time. Utilize the skills you have to help others by volunteering with a skill-based volunteer company like Catchafire! Opportunities cover anything from graphic design to accounting.

7. Sign up to be an organ donor.

Catlane / Getty Images

Did you know that one organ donor can help save up to eight lives? It only takes a few minutes to sign up to be an organ donor and it can have a lasting impact for multiple people. Find out how you can register to become an organ donor today.

8. Help someone by donating blood.

Alena Igdeeva / Getty Images

Donating blood is a quick and simple action that can impact up to three lives. Search for a blood bank near you and learn what the requirements are to be a blood donor. 15 minutes and you can help someone add years to their life.

9. Donate your hair if it's longer than 8 inches.

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Considering chopping of the long locks for a shorter style? Why not use the extra hair to help somebody in need? Donating hair is as easy as cutting, collecting, and mailing it to a charity of your choice. When deciding who to donate to, make sure to see what their length and hair quality requirements are. A little hair can make a big difference in someone's life.

10. Write letters to people in need.

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Remember how exciting it used to feel receiving a handwritten letter in the mail? The simple action of writing a letter to someone in need can lift their spirits considerably and lift yours in the process. This list includes organizations that send letters to soldiers, elderly people, cancer patients, kids, and more.

11. Adopt an endangered species.

Jtstewartphoto / Getty Images

Love penguins, rhinos, monkeys, or elephants? Why not adopt one?! Organizations like WWF let you pick from a large list of endangered species that you can adopt and protect. If you wish, you can buy an adoption kit that includes a certificate and a plush toy version of the animal you adopted.

12. Set up a small monthly donation to a charity of your choice.

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You don't have to give a lot of money to make a big difference. Even the smallest donation can make an impact. Find a charity that you're passionate about and consider setting up a small monthly donation. No donation is too small and every little bit helps make a difference.

13. Use your free time to hang with animals in shelters.

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Want a pet but don't have the time or money? There are so many different ways you can get your pet connection while helping animals in need. Shelters have volunteer programs where you can play with cats, take photos of animals, help maintain the shelter, walk dogs, or even take dogs on field trips! Reach out to your local shelter to see how you can help.

14. Find other volunteer opportunities that you're passionate about.

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If you prefer to donate your time and not your money, there's no shortage of opportunities for you. You can use your time to help kids, seniors, parks, schools, communities, and so much more. Browse volunteer opportunities through databases like VolunteerMatch, Idealist, and JustServe to find an opportunity perfect for you.

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