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14 Snaps From Dogs To Celebrate Independence Day

Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of dogs.

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1. Jessica wants you to know it's her, in here, tryna play with you.

Courtesy of Allie Nichols

2. Pepper just wanted you to admire his patriotic pal, Jack.

Courtesy of Tori Glerum

3. Otto wants you to know he came for one thing and one thing only: bacon.

Courtesy of Ivy Satana

4. Tito looks cools, knows he's cool, and had to show you he's keeping it cool.

Courtesy of Cyndi Norrie

5. Dezi has been waiting for this day all year and wants you to know he's ready.

Courtesy of Casey Cline

6. Bowser wanted you to know he feels super lost but looks super fly.

Courtesy of Amelia Hart

7. Milo figured you could use a chuckle and tossed you the ultimate chuckle bomb.

Courtesy of Leslie Rodriguez

8. Murray wanted you to know he is en route and down to clown.

Courtesy of Catie Herrin

9. Lyla wants you to focus on her, not that cute girl you invited to the BBQ.

Courtesy of Andrew Cushing

10. Abby has been patiently waiting for you at the pool and is ready to play.

Courtesy of Jessica Lynn

11. Rascal was full of jokes during the picnic and just wanted to see what you'd snap back.

Courtesy of Amy Stanley

12. Coco needed to tell you she woke up and caught a vibe of freedom.

Courtesy of Pearson Browne

13. Rex wanted to low-key show off how good he looked — and his patriotism.

Courtesy of Colin Gray

14. Toby wants to kick it with you but doesn't necessarily love the loud artillery shells you're shooting off. =(

Courtesy of Jordan Jones

Happy Independence, Dog.

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