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20 Things That Perfectly Sum Up Living With A Cat

Personal space doesn't exist when you live with a cat.

1. You're not a "cat owner." You're a "cat cohabitator" 'cause we all know cats answer to nobody.

I yelled at my cat because she was trying to eat grass and she literally rolled her eyes at me

2. When you find your cat in unusual places, you just mutter under your breath, "fine."

3. Every part of your kitters has a fun different name. Exhibit A: the toe beans.

4. The smallest of moments calls for the biggest of celebrations.

My cat in a tie. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

5. Any attention from your flööf, good or bad, is good enough for you.

my friend got a “ragdoll” cat and all she does is lounge like this and silently judge us. mood

6. Under the blankets is an enchanted cave of wonders for your cat so you just go with it.

7. Like clockwork every day, your cat goes absolutely bananas for no apparent reason whatsoever.

8. When the zoomies hit, you put on your best sports broadcaster voice.

9. Getting work done is impossible and for some reason you just succumb to their cuteness.

10. You've developed contortionist-like moves to retrieve items from the coffee table without disturbing your lovely lounging lap lad.

11. The goofiest of poses can bring the biggest smile to your face.

12. You frequently enjoy games of hide-and-seek with your little slinky. Can you spot the cat in this pic?

13. You read on the internet that cat bites are signs of affection and you won't believe otherwise.

14. Holidays are meant for sharing your adorable feline for all the world to see. Feline Navidad, y'all.

15. Never a dull moment knowing a leap or paw attack from your nimble ninja could await you.

16. If you're so lucky to have a cat let you hold its paw, you know you are blessed for decades to come.

17. Every cat deserves to look and see how utterly beautiful they are (even though they can't like...recognize their reflection).

18. You've never blessed a soul harder than when you blessed your cat after a monstrous sneeze.

19. No place is safe when you live with a cat. It's their home. Not yours.

20. Any signs of love and affection are met with disdain, but deep down you know they love you too.