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7 Artists You Should Be Obsessed With By 2018

2017 has definitely been a renaissance of sorts for the music industry. With artists like Kesha and Miley making a mainstream comeback, there's a lot more talent in the musical underground going unnoticed.

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1. Tyler Cordy

Tyler Cordy / Via

Seattleite Tyler Cordy is reworking the hip-hop/rap scene with his own unique and personal sounds. Now based in Brooklyn, the rapper is taking New York by storm. The former MC of 2AM Club, Tyler's tracks are melodic whispers offering three-minute glimpses of life through his perspective. His sound is distinctive and sentimental, as his lyrics tell stories in a way that modern mainstream artists lack. Mama Don't Stress is his latest released tracks on his well-maintained SoundCloud account. The song is his personal way to come clean with admissions of insecurities and faults. In each of his singles, it's almost like walking down an inner city sidewalk as he bears his heart and mind, raw for everyone to see. Cordy hides nothing from his listeners, and that's just a sliver of his rising ingenuity.

2. Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan / Via Facebook: noahkahanmusic

This 20-year-old breakout artist is sweeping Spotify with almost 2,000,000 monthly listeners. Noah's more on the folk-pop side of things, but after just one listen, tracks like Fine and Young Blood will leave you wanting more of his eclectic mix of acoustic guitar with electronic accents. His lyrics are relatable and personal to a point where they can resonate with just about everyone. This guy is definitely one to watch closely.

3. Lydia Ainsworth

Lydia Ainsworth / Via Facebook: lydmusic

Toronto born and Brooklyn based, Lydia Ainsworth, is anything but boring. Being at the forefront of minimalist electronic, her music is a trippy walk through a dark field of fireflies. Her sound is shadowy and eerie with perfect blends of smooth vocals and unpredictable arrangements. After her debut album, Right from Real's release in 2014, Ainsworth kept the momentum going with Darling of the Afterglow's release in 2017. Although unique to herself, her tracks resonate with the likes of Grimes and FKA Twigs. Ainsworth, who is a self-taught cellist is the answer to all of your female badass electronic desires.

4. Stargazer

Matt Copp / Via Facebook: bandSTARGAZER

Frontman Matt Copp is at the helm of this mystical progressive metal band out of Reading, Pennsylvania. Their sound takes you on a trip from soothing electro beats to insane demonic screaming that's unlike anything else out there. After the success of their debut EP Genesis, Stargazer took that experience and created the musical genius of their latest album of Tui La. Temple of Solace walks you through calm stillness until Copp's signature vocals grip you with catchy intensity. Tui La's success has even brought Stargazer all the way to Japan as fans are popping up all over the world. Stargazer is the heavy metal band that will leave even those previously uninterested in the heavy metal scene wanting more.


Yebba / Via Facebook: YebbaSmith

Abbey Jones is the soulful vocalist taking the nation by storm. Featured on Sam Smith's new album on his "No Peace" track under her claimed alias, Yebba, this talented star is on the rise. Almost an unforeseeable mix of Adele meets Aretha Franklin, Yebba's vocal skills are not to be missed. She is utterly raw and powerful, to say the least. Having recently been co-signed by none only than pop superstar Ed Sheeran, Yebba debuts with her heartfelt single, Evergreen. Be warned, you won't be able to listen to Evergreen just once, so be prepared.

6. Marc E. Bassy

Marc E. Bassy / Via Facebook: MarcEBassyMusic

A former vocalist of 2AM Club, alongside previously mentioned Tyler Cordy, Bassey has gone solo to pursue his own route down the R&B/rap road. After taking the moniker of Bassey, Marc Griffin can now be heard collaborating a slew of tracks with the likes of Hailee Steinfeld, Ty Dolla $ign, and G-Eazy. Following the success of his Groovy People tracks, which include the piano riddled, finger snapping Morning track, Bassey recently released Gossip Columns. His sound is a musical pickup as he comes clean with dirty secrets and personal confessions that breaches genre borders. This low key James Bond-esque rapper sets himself apart with easy-going beats and rhythms unique to nobody but himself. Currently touring Europe, Bassey's return to Los Angeles will undoubtedly provoke an inspired album worth the wait.

7. Pearl Charles

Pearl Charles / Via Facebook: PearlCharlesMusic

She's sultry, she's old-school, and she's a duchess of jazzy rock and roll. Pearl Charles has a level of style that only she could pull of as beautifully as she does. Preferring Polaroids over paparazzi flashes, Charles is on the scene with a creative musical blend of old-school radio. Her initial debut began with her self-titled album with obsess-worthy tracks like Night and Day and I Run So Far. Her newest single Sleepless Dreamer brings listeners into her vintage sepia-tinted world with dream-like vocals and lyrics recollecting stories of dusty roads and dark lovers. With an authentic sound to the degree of a modern June Carter meets Lana Del Rey, Charles is making headway with a pair of cowboy boots and vintage sunglasses. Following Sleepless Dreamer's release last month, Charles' newest album under the same name is set to be released in 2018.

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