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Animals That Gave Their Lives For The Game

Wrong place, wrong time... but what a way to go.

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  • 1. Randy Johnson vs. Bird

    If you have to be killed by a fastball, at least make it one of the fastest fast balls on earth. Probably the most dramatic bird-sports death in the history of media.

  • 2. Minor League Pitcher vs. Seagull

    Basically a repeat of the Randy Johnson moment, but minor league in every way - bigger bird, slower pitch. This one looks painful.

  • 3. Lady Golfer vs. Seagull

    This is just an embarrassing way to go on all counts. Your last memory is pasty white thighs, varicose veins and a flash of light.

  • 4. Tennis Ball vs. Sparrow

    Who said tennis players didn't have a morbid sense of humor? The guy does improv in the middle of the match...(creepy)

  • 5. Race Car vs. Rabbit

    For some reason this is more disturbing then any of the ball related deaths - can anyone tell me why?

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