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11 World Cup Stories That Will Make You Smile (And Cry)

There are beautiful things happening outside of the field too.

The staff of the website Impedimento gathered 10 examples of solidarity and camaraderie that have happened all around Brazil since the World Cup's opening day.

1. The American guy who wanted to have company for the opening game rather than sell his extra ticket.

Reprodução/TV Globo / Via

Eli, from San Francisco, had an extra ticket for the opening game: Brazil vs. Croatia. Instead of selling it, probably for a lot of money, he preferred to give it away to a guy who lived near the stadium — someone who never dreamt of being at the World Cup opener. They watched the game together. "I made a good friend for life," said the surprised guest.

2. The Ghana player who asked to visit the poor neighborhood surrounding the stadium (and gave away money).

Agência Alagoas/Divulgação

Sulley Muntari wanted to see the neighborhood of Rei Pele Stadium, in Alagoas, and said it reminded him of the place where he was raised. He took pictures, signed autographs and...gave away money.

3. The Rio de Janeiro doorman who shared his TV with Chilean fans who couldn't get tickets for the match against Spain.

Arquivo pessoal/Divulgação

Fourteen inches were enough for the doorman Luiz Gonzaga, who works in Copacabana — and for 50 Chilean fans who couldn't get tickets to the match against Spain.

4. The taxi driver who returned 40 tickets Mexico fans forgot in his car.

Reprodução/TV Globo / Via

Adilson, from São Paulo, found a small briefcase with what could be called GOLD these days in Brazil: 40 tickets for different games. He drove back to the hotel where he picked up the Mexican fans, found their friends, and returned all the tickets.

5. The nurse who found a bag on the bus containing nine tickets.

Reprodução/Uol / Via

Luzimar took the bag the man sitting next to her on the bus had forgotten, went to work, found a way to find Eric Tejeda, and returned everything.

6. The dozens — perhaps hundreds — of street matches happening across Brazil between locals and foreigners who communicate god knows how.

Reprodução/Segue o Jogo

There was a nice one in Salvador, told by Segue o Jogo, and another in Curitiba, published by Impedimento.

7. The soccer match at the Gonzaga Beach in Santos, São Paulo, with Chicharito and other Mexico players.

Prefeitura de Santos / Via

8. The anonymous man who made his Wi-Fi public in a small square in Natal.

Vincent Bevins / Via Twitter: @Vinncent

Los Angeles Times correspondent Vincent Bevins shared the story.

9. The donation of dulce de leche, the traditional Uruguayan dessert, to the national team, who had their original shipment seized.

Reprodução / Via Facebook: doce.leite.vicosa

Once the health authorities banned the entry of dulce de leche the Uruguayans carried in their luggage, a factory in Viçosa, Minas Gerais, decided to send a gift to the "Celeste Olimpíca."

10. The boy who had the best day in his life thanks to the affection of David Luiz.

Rafael Ribeiro/CBF

Daniel invaded the field to get an autograph, but the boy got much more than he expected.

11. The couple who found a smart way for a deaf and blind friend to watch the match.


Hélio, sign language interpreter, and his wife, Regiane, made a model of a field and "broadcast" the World Cup’s first match to his friend Carlos. The thrill of the three with the game is not to be forgotten.

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