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    Posted on Feb 29, 2016

    21 Fascinating Findings Every Brazilian Has When Visiting The US

    "This is the size of a SMALL soda!?"

    1. "My God, the large soda has more than one liter."

    That's enough for the whole family.

    2. "Everything here has bacon in it."

    Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

    3. "Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING has chillies in it."

    And by day two, you'll be loving it.

    4. "It's impossible to buy a small bag of chips that fits in your purse, just to carry around during the day."

    Twitter: @_TheFoolOfOwari

    In supermarkets, most bags are "family size" (for a family of 28, probably).

    5. "Mickey D's is a bit run down around here, isn't it?"

    Twitter: @itsRamel

    Also, there is one in every corner. Every. Single. Corner.

    6. "You have to leave a tip for everything?!"


    Dear God, how do I calculate it? Does it have to be cash? Can I just use my card?

    7. "Hold on, I haven't asked for the bill yet."

    Twitter: @flackwave3 / Via Twitter: @flackwave3

    In many restaurants, the bill comes even before you ask for it. There is no problem if you still want to have a coffee or anything else, it can be included after. The purpose is to not leave the customer waiting.

    8. "Why do the restroom stalls have gaps this wide!?"

    Fernando Quirino/Marcelo Muta Ramos

    In the land of the free, you're even free to watch people taking care of business.

    9. "WTF is an OZ?!"

    Reprodução/BuzzFeed / Via

    FL OZ means fluid ounce and it's a measure of volume that is equivalent to 29.5735 milliliters, making it always VERY EASY to calculate how much soda you want to drink.

    10. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S GONNA BE 72º?!"


    Ah, OK. Fahrenheit.

    11. "You can't have a beer on the street? Ah, I thought I had seen that in movies."

    12. "Well, on the other hand..."

    Facebook: 146485312191539

    In some states, the medicinal use of weed is legal. At Venice Beach, in California, 40 dollars will get you an appointment with a "green doctor" who can give you a prescription.

    But don't even think about going outside with an open can of beer.

    13. "Everything costs MORE when it's time to pay."

    Record / Via Twitter: @escitaloprando

    Taxes are usually not included in the price of products. They are only calculated and added when you're paying at the checkout.

    14. "There is a FIREARMS section in the supermarket."

    Fernando Quirino

    Next to the bicycle aisle?!

    15. "That must be why I saw an empty shell on the road the other day."

    Marcelo Muta Ramos / Via

    16. "What? The speed limit on this HIGHWAY is only 55 per hour?"

    David Lofink / Via Flickr: lofink

    And then you remember that it's 55 MILES, or 88.5 kilometers per hour.

    17. "This CANNOT BE a real ad for actual medication".

    View this video on YouTube

    "Abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion."

    18. "Am I really in a drugstore?!"

    Walgreens / Via

    American drugstores sell a bit of everything, not to mention the approximately 67,829 brands of painkillers.

    19. "My God, how many varieties of antacid can there be?!"

    Shawn Campbell / Via Flickr: thecampbells

    20. "Ah yes. Look at the average size of coffee cups."

    21. "And the size of food portions."

    Travel Channel / Via

    Each individual portion could feed my family for three days.

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