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    21 Fascinating Findings Every Brazilian Has When Visiting The US

    "This is the size of a SMALL soda!?"

    1. "My God, the large soda has more than one liter."

    2. "Everything here has bacon in it."

    3. "Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING has chillies in it."

    4. "It's impossible to buy a small bag of chips that fits in your purse, just to carry around during the day."

    5. "Mickey D's is a bit run down around here, isn't it?"

    6. "You have to leave a tip for everything?!"

    7. "Hold on, I haven't asked for the bill yet."

    8. "Why do the restroom stalls have gaps this wide!?"

    9. "WTF is an OZ?!"

    10. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S GONNA BE 72º?!"

    11. "You can't have a beer on the street? Ah, I thought I had seen that in movies."

    12. "Well, on the other hand..."

    13. "Everything costs MORE when it's time to pay."

    14. "There is a FIREARMS section in the supermarket."

    15. "That must be why I saw an empty shell on the road the other day."

    16. "What? The speed limit on this HIGHWAY is only 55 per hour?"

    17. "This CANNOT BE a real ad for actual medication".

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    "Abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion."

    18. "Am I really in a drugstore?!"

    19. "My God, how many varieties of antacid can there be?!"

    20. "Ah yes. Look at the average size of coffee cups."

    21. "And the size of food portions."

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