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21 Fascinating Findings Every Brazilian Has When Visiting The US

"This is the size of a SMALL soda!?"

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7. "Hold on, I haven't asked for the bill yet."

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In many restaurants, the bill comes even before you ask for it. There is no problem if you still want to have a coffee or anything else, it can be included after. The purpose is to not leave the customer waiting.


9. "WTF is an OZ?!"

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FL OZ means fluid ounce and it's a measure of volume that is equivalent to 29.5735 milliliters, making it always VERY EASY to calculate how much soda you want to drink.

11. "You can't have a beer on the street? Ah, I thought I had seen that in movies."

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Depending on the state, you might, but you have to cover the bottle or can with a brown paper bag. In some states you REALLY cannot do it, no matter what, like in California.

12. "Well, on the other hand..."

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In some states, the medicinal use of weed is legal. At Venice Beach, in California, 40 dollars will get you an appointment with a "green doctor" who can give you a prescription.

But don't even think about going outside with an open can of beer.


17. "This CANNOT BE a real ad for actual medication".

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"Abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion."

20. "Ah yes. Look at the average size of coffee cups."

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And what about that sort of undefined taste?!