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17 Problems All Skinny Women Have

The dream: weigh enough to donate blood.

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3. So you've begun shopping in the children's section once again.

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You feel yourself regressing back into your youth, rather than moving forward, but you can't help it. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do...

5. You ALWAYS have to get your rings adjusted.

Otherwise they slide off your finger into the eternal black hole that is the drain.

RIP $3 ring. We had a good run, but the time has come to bid you farewell.

6. All of your belts need an extra hole.

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That you sometimes make yourself by repeatedly poking a pen against the underside of the belt (and accidentally stabbing yourself 6 million times in the process).


10. You vs. your friends.

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Being thin might be good for fashion magazines and catwalks, but it doesn't usually do so hot at dance clubs. You, who have always dreamed of being a little more ~curvy~, know it well.


15. You're never allowed to complain about anything because everyone seems to think that being thin is wonderful, 100% of the time.

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But we know that being thin doesn't actually solve all of your problems.

16. And there's always, ALWAYS someone who wants to lift you off the ground.

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I may be skinny, but that doesn't give you license to go around picking me up all the time! ESPECIALLY without asking me first.

This post was translated from Portuguese.


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