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São Paulo Looks Like A Ghost Town During Brazil's Match

Only soccer could make almost 12 million people disappear from the main streets of the biggest city on South America.

Yesterday, during Brazil's match against Mexico, amateur photographer Robson Leandro da Silva decided to take a walk through the main streets and subway stations of São Paulo. He took the following photos with his iPhone.

Sé, the main subway station, at 4pm:

Sé Station at 4h03pm:

Boa Vista Street, downtown, 3h54 pm:

São Bento Subway Station at 4h12 pm:

Santa Efigênia Street, downtown, at 4h31 pm:

25 de Março Street, downtown, at 4h16 pm:

Luz Station, at 4h41 pm:

Luz Station, at 4h42 pm:

Pinheiros Station, at 5h04 pm:

Paulista Subway Station, at 5h17 pm:

Consolação Station, at 5h20 pm:

Paulista Avenue, at 5h23 pm: