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    27 Photos That Celebrate The Beauty Of Rio De Janeiro's Cristo Redentor

    With open arms over the city.

    1. Emblematic figure of Rio and Brazil, the Cristo Redentor was inaugurated on October 12 1931.

    2. The statue of the Christ is one of the most well known images in the world:

    3. And despite that, sometimes you come across images of it that are breathtaking:

    4. Or from new and original angles:

    5. Natural phenomenons also help, like super moon.

    6. That day was CRAY.

    7. When Rio hits heat records during the summer, who's up there?

    8. Some days the Christ seems to be surfing on the clouds.

    9. Right?

    10. The Cristo Redentor also changes color: on june 2012 it was green in honor of Rio+20.

    11. He's been green and yellow...

    12. And even blue!

    13. Sometimes he changes color because he's awesome. Ok, it's actually because of the sun's position. But he's still awesome.

    14. This year the Christ was hit by lighting.

    15. It ruined one of the hands of the Christ.

    16. ... And people went there to fix it.

    17. It's probably not easy to be working all the way up there, but look at that view:

    18. ... Someone has to do the hard job.

    19. All these guys working in keeping the Christ together deserve a round of applause:

    20. But their job has some advantages... They get to see the heart of Christ from inside.

    21. In 2010, close to turning 80 years old, the statue of Cristo Redentor was vandalized for the first time ever.

    22. The statue is located overlooking most of Rio de Janeiro, you even get to see the Maracanã stadium.

    23. He's a reference, rain or shine.

    24. During the day...

    25. ... Or at night.

    26. And has been mentioned in a bunch of songs, from Tom Jobim to Paralamas.

    27. 'Aquele abraço!'