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    Lindsay Lohan Supports Presidential Candidate Aécio Neves And Brazilian Internet Goes Crazy

    Things went wild.

    Brazilians were surprised by the involvement of an infamous American actress in their presidential campaign this morning: Lindsay Lohan herself.

    Lindsay tweeted in support of Aécio Neves, the opposition candidate (who happens to be a notorious partygoer himself and has been harassed all his political life by strong rumors of cocaine consumption).

    And she published her support on Facebook too.

    Lindsay is very well-known not only for her part in Mean Girls, a big hit in Brazil, but also for her, um...misbehaviors.

    So, it didn't take long for the internet to go crazy about it.

    "Em rede social, Lindsay Lohan anuncia apoio a Aຜio Neves"


    RT @lindsaylohan: I support @britneyspears for presidential candidature. Her platform bring positive change in Brasil

    Lindsay Lohan weighs in on Brazil's presidential election, because of course

    Definitely you don't know him, lady @lindsaylohan

    The ultimate sock-puppet. Lindsay Lohan clearly has more access to detail of Aecio Neves' platform than Brazil does.

    In conclusion:

    sobre lindsay (e qualquer outra celeb gringa apoiando qualquer partido)