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    20 Steps: A Few Facts About Disability, Access, And Discrimination- And How People Are Still Somehow Getting It Wrong

    What happens when a "community theater" refuses to meet ADA guidelines, even though they're located directly above a nonprofit organization that runs a creative arts studio for individuals with disabilities?

    Recently, a business in Grand Rapids, Michigan made renovations to the building in which they're located in order to create a "community theater", but unfortunately they refused to add either a ramp or elevator to meet ADA guidelines. The narrow staircase leading up to the theater consists of 20 steep stairs... and exactly 20 steps from the bottom of the staircase? The door of another of the building's tenants: a nonprofit creative arts studio that offers classes and exhibition opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In response, members of the surrounding community- each of whom are living with their own disabilities- agreed to be photographed at the bottom of the staircase holding quotes by people, organizations, or companies that have tried to justify denying them access in some way. Accompanying these quotes are 20 facts everyone should know about disability and discrimination.