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    Jun 11, 2015

    46 Reasons You Should Never Leave The Midlands

    The middle is the best bit.

    1. Because there’s a whole cluster of culturally rich cities to explore. Here's Nottingham:

    Dan Foy / Via Flickr: orangeacid

    2. And Leicester:

    Holly Victoria Norval / Via Flickr: hollystar47

    3. And Derby:

    Carl Bradbury / Via Flickr: carlbradbury

    4. And let’s not forget Birmingham.

    Miroslav Petrasko / Via Flickr: theodevil

    5. Because in between them all there’s the rolling Midlands countryside.

    WordShore / Via Flickr: silversprite

    6. And lots of smaller places that are off the beaten track.

    BowBelle51 / Via Flickr: 50282301@N07

    7. Because whether you come from a village like this...

    JR P / Via Flickr: ugardener

    Tissingto, Derbyshire

    8. ...or somewhere more urban, there's nought wrong either.

    James Thorpe / Via Flickr: jthorpe

    9. Because the East/West Midlands divide is more interesting than the North/South divide.

    Leo McArdle / Via Flickr: leomca

    10. But you won’t hear "duck" tacked on to a greeting anywhere else.

    ViewFromTheAttic / Via Flickr: 71388821@N07

    11. Because everywhere is really well connected so you can get out and explore.

    Rob Reedman / Via Flickr: 47843_vulcan

    12. Because Derby has a really vibrant arts scene.

    Graham Lucas Commons / QUAD Derby

    This is QUAD, an independent cinema and visual arts gallery. There's also FORMAT Festival which is the biggest photography festival in the UK, Déda dance and performance centre... the list goes on.

    13. And Nottingham is great for gigs.

    Alex Loach / Via Flickr: 53825985@N02

    14. Because canals can be beautiful.

    Chris Morriss / Via Flickr: 7840760@N05

    15. And you've never quite worked out how Foxton Locks does it.

    Vince O'Sullivan / Via Flickr: vjosullivan

    16. Because canalside (whether it’s in Leicester, Nottingham, or Birmingham) is always great place to have a few drinks.

    Neil Howard / Via Flickr: neilsingapore

    17. Because when you’re done with cities you can escape to places like Beacon Hill.

    Tony Mangan / Via Flickr: tonymangan

    18. And Bradgate Park.

    Tony / Via Flickr: tonymangan

    19. Because we’ve got the Peak District.

    Simon Harrod / Via Flickr: sidibousaid

    20. Let's just take a minute to appreciate the Peak District.

    Paul Coles / Via Flickr: mr_fujisawa

    21. Because you can visit Chatsworth.

    Timelapsed / Via Flickr: timelapsed

    Where you can channel your inner Lizzie Bennett. Chatsworth was Jane Austen's inspiration for Pemberley.

    22. And how about Biddulph Grange near Stoke-on-Trent?

    Steve Bate / Via Flickr: highlights6

    23. Because nowhere re-enacts history quite as well as they do at Warwick Castle.

    Dark Dwarf / Via Flickr: darkdwarf

    24. Because atmospheric ruins are nbd here.

    Ian / Via Flickr: iancvt55

    Brb, just brooding at Kenilworth Castle.

    25. Because you don't need to go to the Alps to ride a cable car. Hello Heights of Abraham!

    Owen Massey McKnight / Via Flickr: addedentry

    26. Because if you want to see Ye Olde England, you’ll find it here.

    Andrew Dennes / Via Flickr: velo_denz

    27. But we're not afraid of more modern designs either.

    Neil Howard / Via Flickr: neilsingapore

    I'm looking at you, Birmingham.

    28. Because there's nothing like a slice of real Bakewell pudding.

    Andrew G / Via Flickr: graveca

    29. Because heaven tastes like a Melton Mowbray pork pie.

    30. Because Stilton and Red Leicester are made here.

    Ryan Snyder / Via Flickr: ryansnyder

    31. Because rugby is a VERY big deal for us.

    Sam Dredge / Via Flickr: samdredge

    32. Because if you want to study here, there's loads of choice.

    Nick / Via Flickr: 34517490@N00

    In fact, there are about 20 universities to choose from (depending on where your Midlands boundaries fall). This is the Aston Webb building of Birmingham University.

    33. See!

    Simon Caulton / Via Flickr: simoncaulton

    Nottingham University

    34. Because we’ve got Cadbury’s World.

    Fiona Cullinan / Via Flickr: katchooo

    35. Because all the coolest characters are come from the Midlands, including Robin Hood.

    Esmik D'Aguiar / Via Flickr: esmikd

    And if you grew up in the '90s, you still miss The Tales of Robin Hood in Nottingham.

    36. Because some of the most beautiful words in the English language came from Stratford-Upon-Avon, courtesy of Shakespeare.

    Graeme Tozer / Via Flickr: gtozer

    37. Because there are other-worldly looking places right down the road.

    Vaidotas Mišeikis / Via Flickr: v4idas

    This is one of the "plughole" overflows in Ladybower reservoir.

    38. Because you can have a roast dinner in a pub in a cave. Not even joking.

    Hand & Heart, Nottingham / Via

    39. Or visit one of the oldest pubs in England.

    Duncan Harris / Via Flickr: duncanh1

    40. Because there are loads of cool independent festivals.

    A_M_Brewer / Via Flickr: a_m_brewer

    There's Glastonbudget, Sunny Mae, Y Not Festival, Festival8, and Deerstock.

    41. Because there’s nowhere prettier for a winter walk, even in the city. This is Victoria Park in Leicester.

    Matt Neale / Via Flickr: mattneale

    42. Because you can really get away from everything.

    Joe Hunt / Via Flickr: joe_0_1

    43. Because when you go for an evening jog, this is what it can look like.

    Marcus Peaston / Via Flickr: kelmon

    44. Because this dragon guards a bit of Sneinton in Nottingham.

    Adam Clarke / Via Flickr: elstruthio

    45. Because the solidarity when you meet someone else from the Midlands creates an automatic bond between you.

    James Whitesmith / Via Flickr: jwhitesmith

    46. Because the middle is basically always the best bit.

    Tony Hisgett / Via Flickr: hisgett

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