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    24 Instagrams You'll Only See In Leicester

    Move over Richard III.

    1. Welcome to Leicester!

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    2. Now let's get orientated. Here's the Clock Tower, which is the only place you'll ever meet up with anyone.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    3. And this is the River Soar, which runs along the west side of town.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    4. And, as you may have heard, we found Richard III.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    5. Jones' bistro on Queens Road is the only place you'll ever need to eat and we should just move in now tbh.

    Sophie Pickstock / Via / Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    6. The Lanes have some quirky shops.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    7. Including Ye Old Sweet Shoppe.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    8. And Rockaboom.

    Lestaitsnotshit / Via / Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    9. And Almeida for fresh juice, smoothies and coffee. YUM.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed / Via

    10. These are the Roman Baths at Jewry Wall - it's the last bit of Roman Leicester that's visible.

    Clare WIlson / BuzzFeed

    11. Also, the prison looks like a castle.

    Purple Wyrm / Via Flickr: wyrmworld

    12. Time for a drink? Kasabian used to drink here.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    13. Sport! There's lots of sport.

    Lestaitsnotshit / Via / Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    14. You can chill out in Vicky Park when it's sunny.

    Laura Lobo / Via / Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    15. And from there you can stroll down New Walk back into town...

    Duncan Harris / Via Flickr: duncanh1

    16. ...popping into the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery on the way.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    17. Definitely check out the Indian shops on Belgrave Road aka Golden Mile.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    18. The Caribbean Carnival happens every August.

    Jim Monk / Via Flickr: jimmonk

    19. And check out the carvings on the Jain Centre facade. Pretty cool eh? There's more inside.

    OZinOH / Via Flickr: 75905404@N00

    20. Ready to chill out? Find a spot by the river in Abbey Park.

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

    21. We've got the National Space Centre.

    Matt Preston / Via Flickr: dm3photography

    22. Highcross can be pretty space-age too tbh.

    Natalie / Via Flickr: nataliejohnson

    23. And when you're finished with the city, there's the rest of Leicestershire.

    Thomas Hook / Via Flickr: tomehook

    24. Also there's this place, lol:

    Clare Wilson / BuzzFeed

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