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    • clarematveym

      Thank you for this article. When he got voted the “Sexiest” actor I saw a lot of websites that responded with “reasons” that were simply photos. To me, yes, he is attractive, but that is honestly secondary to why I am drawn to him as an actor.  He is talented, humble, funny, extremely kind to his fans, and has a voice somewhat like chocolate covered rose petals.  He doesn’t mind being silly & will make the most absurd faces you’ve ever seen, spends his holiday making a film with his best friends (lovely to know that he still knows who his friends are & hasn’t thrown them all over for the rich & powerful), & is just all around someone I wouldn’t mind having a beer with.  He seems to be just a flat out good person— in addition to being ridiculously talented. Thanks for this lovely positive article. So hard to find those these days!! (Usually there isn’t anything to read unless someone’s quotes have been twisted or the friend they are having dinner with is suddenly their fiance. Sigh.) It was lovely to read. I really wish I could have been there.

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