7 "Breaking Bad" Parodies That Should Be More Than Parodies

Even in the intensifying heat of the final eight episodes of AMC’s heavy-hitting drama, these spoofs will make you want to dance and cheer in the name of chemistry.

So. Things are getting serious.

And there is no turning back now.

But let’s take a moment

to prance around with Jesse and Walt and remember why we fell in love with them in the first place.

1. “We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together”

Just be grateful that Lauren Parsekian got to Aaron Paul before Taylor Swift could write a song about him.

Teddie Films / Via youtube.com

2. Breakbad Mountain

From the creators of Breaking Bad and Brokeback Mountain comes a new chapter in the relationship of Mr. White and Jesse.

Goeric / Via youtube.com

3. Breaking Bad: The Home Game

The one thing every family’s Sunday Game Night has been missing.

Test your skills in meth purification, manipulation and more!

Just don’t land on that dreadfully torturous season 5 break.

or the ricin cigarette.

4. “Hot and Fresh Out the Kitchen”

It really takes on a whole new meaning in this cover of the classic R. Kelly tune.

Official Comedy / Via youtube.com

5. Th Sequel: Hank and Marie Watch The VMAs

Because no plot line is complete without a twerking Miley Cyrus.

6. Breaking Bad Meets Andy Griffith

Because the show has to reach the Baby Boomer market somehow.

Associated Press / Via youtube.com

7. Game of Thrones starring Walter White

Supergroups and power couples bow down to this partnership.

pleated jeans / Via youtube.com

Now that we’ve had our fun and games….

…get ready for The Danger.

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