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What's The Weirdest Aussie Thing You Discovered After Moving To Australia?

Australians don't know how weird they are, until you tell them.

Australia is a land unlike any other, with culturally iconic shows like Kath & Kim.

Not to mention the light of Australia's collective, national life — Bindi Irwin.

We have strange animals, strange words and even stranger food.

But despite all of Australia's weird quirks, people still love to visit and even make the big move to live near our beautiful coastline.

As an Australian who has found some strange things here myself, it got me thinking: What's the weirdest thing visitors and expats have encountered when coming to Australia?

Maybe you were confused at the annual flashmob of people dressing in red, singing Kate Bush's Withering Heights, in Sydney Park?

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Seriously, it's a thing. Every year people get together and re-enact the music video. Don't ask me why — I don't know. The only thing I know is that it's glorious.

Perhaps you thought the Big Red Bash, where the attendees tried to break the Nutbush dance world record, was a bit strange?

Or maybe you thought that the Big Bogan statue out in Nyngan, NSW was a joke until you saw it IRL?

So travellers, expats and even fellow Australians, what's the weirdest thing you discovered about Australia? Tell us in the comments below and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!