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    30 Things That Aussies Will Understand, But The Rest Of The World Just Won't Get

    We're all guilty of saying "mate" far too often.

    1. Doing the tiptoe run across the sand because it's so hot your feet are literally burning.

    2. Going outside for a durry because no amount of AC can keep the club cool during a night out.

    Woman sitting on a plastic lawn year wearing a pink jumper and sunnies, smoking a cigarette
    Seven Network

    3. Running straight into the water whenever someone suggests a nighttime swim.

    Jonathan M. Shiff Productions / Netflix

    4. Bragging about how great the Sydney fireworks are to your international friends.

    5. Knocking your boots out before putting them on because of potential hiding spiders.

    Big black spider crawling towards the opening of a work boot
    Getty Images

    6. Spending a casual $200 on a night out.

    7. And an extra $50 on a ride home because public transport doesn't run all night.


    8. Attending a bush party with a cheeky bonfire.

    9. Loudly attesting that "OMG camping would be soooo good", only to hate it when you're there.

    10. Having the memory of Egg Boy burned into your skull.

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    NowThis News / Via

    11. And the memory of Tony Abbott eating a raw onion.

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    New Matilda / Via

    12. Dropping scorching meat pie filling on your front.

    Eating a meat pie and not dropping any of the meat is actually a talent

    13. Eating a bucket-load of oranges at each and every sporting event you participated in.

    14. Getting hella burnt the first time you went to watch cricket.


    15. Struggling to understand the different rules between rugby league and rugby union.


    16. Supporting an NRL team because your family does.

    17. Having people from Perth tell you "it's a city, but it's more like a small town".

    18. Encountering roadworks everywhere you go. All the time.

    A man holds a slow sign at a roadwork site
    Getty Images

    19. Shuddering when you see someone with a Southern Cross tattoo.

    20. Explaining to a tourist what the "Big Things" are.

    21. Memorising the "Nutbush" dance moves like your life depended on it.

    22. Joining in the Aussie tradition of fooling tourists with stories about "the drop bears".


    23. But then seriously telling them that they need to watch out for "swooping season".

    A young NSW boy has experienced the horror of Australia's magpie swooping season, with his dad on hand to film the relentless attack. Tips to avoid being swooped: #9News

    24. Being taught health by a giraffe in a camper van.

    In Australia age is determined by whether you call him Happy Harold or Healthy Harold

    25. Singing "What About Me?" by Shannon Noll at a dingy house party, as loud as you can.

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    SME / Via

    26. Quoting "Oh yeah, it's noice, it's unusual, it's different" anytime your friend tries a new look.

    Seven Network

    27. Absolutely dying over the Uber Eats ads that feature Kim K and Sharon from Kath and Kim.

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    Uber Eats / Via

    28. Obsessing over Bindi Irwin as if she were your own child.

    29. Religiously reciting "no hat, no play" every time you go to the beach, even though you've been out of school for 10 years.

    Spyglass Entertainment

    30. And finally, beating the word "mate" to death, both as an insult and as a compliment.

    Disney Pixar / BuzzFeed

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