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Dating As An Adult Is Hard And Here Are 21 Tumblr Posts That Prove It

True love is a myth and you're all high on serotonin.

1. On fielding your family because they expect you, at your age, to be in a relationship.

2. On being the last one to get married even though you have a very valid, adult excuse.

3. On dreaming of meet cutes that don't happen outside of the movies.

4. On braving the dating highs and lows as someone in your mid 20s.

5. On the magic home-run most adults wish of when dating.

6. On being adult enough to realise "It's not me, it's you."

7. On realising that sometimes you're better than any potential partner you could actually find.

8. On having a grown-up night in and falling in love with your REM-cycle.

9. On trying to classily dodge some unwanted advances and failing miserably.

10. On being adult enough to realise that grammar does matter.

11. On realising you love yourself enough to be your own damn partner.

12. On the true love that comes from adult friendships.

13. On the battle that is being female and married as an adult.

14. On the conversation we've all had as a single adult.

15. On being adult enough to know when you want to stay single.

16. On the harsh new realities of modern dating.

17. And enjoying the heck out of your single life.

18. On the positive idea of being in charge of your own happiness.

19. On being completely honest in your Tinder bio.

20. On still jumping to conclusions whenever you meet someone for the first time.

21. And finally, being adult enough to recognise that someone who ghosts you doesn't make a good life partner.