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15 Tips For Anyone Who Works Full-Time And Is Still Studying

Going back to study might seem impossible, but trust me, you can do this!

People decide to upskill for a number of reasons: To follow a passion, to change careers or to go further in their current field.

Whatever the reason, there's no denying it: Juggling full-time work and a course load can take its toll.

Here are some things you can do to minimise the stress of balancing study and work.

1. First off, get flexible with your routine!

2. Prepare for all your classes — especially the first one.

3. Be honest with yourself about how you're coping.

4. And be honest with your boss.

5. Set up new boundaries with your family and work.

6. Plan a budget and stick to it.

7. Make new friends in your course.

8. Schedule some "me time" for yourself as often as you can.

9. And make an effort to catch up with your friends and family.

10. Buy a planner or make use of an online calendar.

11. Consider studying online to save yourself some time and scheduling conflicts.

12. Let your passions takeover for once.

13. Find out what motivates you and let it drive you.

14. Remind yourself of your goals.

15. And finally, let yourself off the hook every now and again.