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    Enjoy A Bottomless Brunch Or Dumplings Under A Canopy Of Cherry Blossoms In This Sydney Bar

    Flower backdrops on Instagram is so last year, it's all about the blossoms now.

    Every year, the photos of Japan's cherry blossom season, sprinkle across the internet.

    Well this year, The Rook — a hidden bar in Sydney CBD — has brought the cherry blossoms to us.

    Seriously, just look at how cute this set up is!

    Jasper Avenue / The Rook

    Hello, everyone wanting to impress their partner — take them on a date here, please.

    Can you imagine sitting underneath these blooms while you dine on some delicious Japanese-inspired food and accompanying cocktails?


    ^ Me, at my desk right now dreaming about it.

    Yes, that's right — accompanying themed cocktails.

    Jasper Avenue / The Rook

    With names like Sake To Me, Hello Kitty and Wasabi Pea Old Fashioned, I'm going to have a buzz going in no time.

    Plus, they also have options if you want to take it up a notch and turn the whole thing into an ~experience~.


    On Wednesday nights (until the end of May), you can book a Bottomless Dumplings and Jazz session.

    Jasper Avenue / The Rook

    It only costs $20 per person and you can choose to add an hour and a half of bottomless rose or Kirin for a total of $49 per person.

    On Saturdays (until the end of May), you can book a Cherry Bottomless Brunch — which is the kind of thing I LIVE for.

    Jasper Avenue / The Rook

    I am a brunch fiend — ask anyone! And this one sounds right up my alley. It's available every Saturday after 12 p.m. for $49 per person and includes Karaage Chicken Bites, Japanese Loaded Fries and two hours of bottomless rose.

    Welp, I know where my next Insta post is coming from! Here's to cherry blossom season!


    You can make reservations for The Rook here.

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