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15 Situations You Should Feel Comfortable Saying No To As An Adult

Please, I can't do another shot.

1. The absolute horror of going to bed late.

2. And the knock on effect of then sleeping in.

3. The cringe of partying like this on a Wednesday night.

4. The awkwardness of hanging out with people when you don't mesh well.

5. And the suffering that comes with toxic family members.

6. The misery of going to places where you won't enjoy yourself.

7. The worry of not planning your budget for your lifestyle.

8. The laziness of not learning to cook.

9. The nausea of over-drinking, by yourself and in company.

10. The regret of neglecting your hobbies.

11. The mistakes of ignoring self-care.

12. The concern of loaning friends money.

13. The exhaustion of getting stuck in relationships you don't want.

14. The comfort of staying the same.

15. The pressure of being what you think you "should" be.