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17 Things Adults Have To Do That Are Quite Frankly Exhausting AF

Sleep is for the youth!

1. Laundry is never-ending and you're forced to do it at all hours in an attempt to actually get it done.


Waking up at 5:30 a.m. on a Monday to wash your sheets...WHAT A WAY TO LIVE. In fact, you predict your adult life will eventually end under a pile of dirty clothes.

2. And then there's just cleaning in general.


The cleanup after cooking TAKES FOREVER and is EXHAUSTING. You just ate food, so you'd think you'd have the energy — wrong! You have nothing except food scraps in the sink and a pan that absolutely needs ~time to soak~.

3. Skincare is a time-consuming and necessary process.

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Around your midtwenties, you'll realise you should've been using sunscreen every day since you exited the womb. Panic ensues. You know that it's probably too late to save your skin, but you desperately try anyway.

4. Looking presentable, no matter what your definition of "presentable" is.

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It doesn't matter if you work in an industry that heroes wearing thongs and singlets to work (I don't know what that industry is, but hit me up) — you've still got to take the time to cultivate the ~lewk~. If you only have one or two presentable outfits, this also adds to your washing schedule.

5. Exercising — for any reason — makes you tired and robs you of your precious time.

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Everyone is so hell-bent on getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle that no one talks about how TIRING AF it is. No, I don't want to exercise in the morning if I'm going to feel exhausted all day!!!

6. Meal prepping or trying to eat healthier in general is just EXHAUSTING!


Now, I'm not saying that you don't feel great after eating healthy — you do. All I'm saying is that going grocery shopping two or three afternoons a week to buy fresh produce, cooking it, meal-prepping, and washing up is a lot more tiring than just ordering Uber Eats and having it delivered to your front door.

7. Socialising and maintaining friendships should be an Olympic sport.


Your friends are great, but the thought of prolonging your bedtime to hang out with them makes you want to cry. But when they call for a Wednesday night dinner, you buckle up, get ready, and mentally prepare for falling asleep in your jeans later that very evening.

8. Shaving any part of your body IS SO DAMN TIRING.


Shaving your legs, beard, or any other part of your body requires so much time that you have to wake up earlier to get it all done. Honestly, sometimes I step out of the shower and I'm more tired than when I stepped into it.

9. Travelling anywhere, by any means, is both physically and mentally exhausting.


You can get a limo from your home to the airport, get a trolley to roll your luggage through, sit in the first-class lounge with a champers for an hour or two, and if you're anything like me, you'll still be EXHAUSTED when you sit down in your seat. Why? Because of the mental stress that is involved with any sort of travel.

10. Conversing with someone, especially if it's a ~heavy talk~, totally makes you tired.

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If it's not your dad talking to you about your credit score, then it's your best friend talking about boy drama — again. Sometimes all you want is some alone time and peace of mind, but because you've got to be social, that's off the table.

11. Hobbies are just another way to zap time from your limited waking hours.

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Everyone says that you need to have hobbies to make you a well-rounded person. But at the rate you're going, and the number of things you've already got to do, the only way you're going to be painting is by the glow of moonlight.

12. And honestly, RIP if you're an adult who has gone back to study.


Get ready to have your waking hours drastically reduced — all as part of an endeavour to ~better yourself~. Sure, maybe you're more knowledgeable than before...but you're also the most sleep-deprived.

13. Maintaining all your different social media accounts is TIRING.


No one talks about it, but thinking up witty captions and figuring out what filter to use and how it fits in with your ~brand~ takes a mental gymnastics routine to get everything done. It's tiring, and the blue light hurts your eyes.

14. Figuring out what the hell is going on with the rest of the world...


Seriously being a good adult means reading up on what is going on everywhere else, figuring out how it affects you and what you can do to help, and hopefully trying to make the world a better place. But reading multiple news sources before bed is sure to make you oh so sleepy.

15. Especially the Oz government.

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You'll be in need of a nap just trying to figure out how many prime ministers Australia has had in the last 10 years.

16. Just trying to get eight hours of sleep each night is tiring.

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Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the number of adulting things I still have to do that this little voice pops up in my head and says, "Don't forget you need to get eight hours tonight or you'll be tired tomorrow" — and I just want to scream: "HOW AM I MEANT TO DO IT ALL?!"

17. And finally, just figuring out how you're going to fit everything on this list into your life is 100% exhausting!

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I try and I try and I try my best, but somehow I always end up missing out on exercise.


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