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17 Things Adults Have To Do That Are Quite Frankly Exhausting AF

Sleep is for the youth!

1. Laundry is never-ending and you're forced to do it at all hours in an attempt to actually get it done.

2. And then there's just cleaning in general.

3. Skincare is a time-consuming and necessary process.

4. Looking presentable, no matter what your definition of "presentable" is.

5. Exercising — for any reason — makes you tired and robs you of your precious time.

6. Meal prepping or trying to eat healthier in general is just EXHAUSTING!

7. Socialising and maintaining friendships should be an Olympic sport.

8. Shaving any part of your body IS SO DAMN TIRING.

9. Travelling anywhere, by any means, is both physically and mentally exhausting.

10. Conversing with someone, especially if it's a ~heavy talk~, totally makes you tired.

11. Hobbies are just another way to zap time from your limited waking hours.

12. And honestly, RIP if you're an adult who has gone back to study.

13. Maintaining all your different social media accounts is TIRING.

14. Figuring out what the hell is going on with the rest of the world...

15. Especially the Oz government.

16. Just trying to get eight hours of sleep each night is tiring.

17. And finally, just figuring out how you're going to fit everything on this list into your life is 100% exhausting!