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    Updated on 20 Feb 2020. Posted on 19 Feb 2020

    17 Netball Moments That Will Take You Straight Back To Those Cold Saturday Mornings

    Yelling at the shooters on the far end of the court, "REBOUND!"

    1. Braiding your hair for netball comps with ribbons that matched the colours of your uniforms.

    2. And making sure that the bands on your braces matched, for that ~next level ~ commitment.

    Clare Aston / BuzzFeed

    Yes, so this is a real photo of teenage me. Enjoy.

    3. Shivering through the winter mornings, when you either had to be at an early start carnival or you were umpiring the 8 a.m. netters.


    I used to wear an umpiring bib that said "Trainee Umpire — Relax!" to get all the angry parents to bugger off.

    4. Or sweating during the unseasonably hot days where the sun bounced off the gravel courts.


    Heat from above, heat from below — make sure you keep running!

    5. Eating your way through all the great snacks at the canteen.


    I ate like trash on my netball days — and it was fine because I was running around so much. Ahhh, those were the days.

    6. And getting a bacon and egg roll, hot off the BBQ, as soon as you rolled up to the netball carnival.

    7. Fishing your ankle guards out of your bag only to find that all your laces had stuck to the velcro.


    Ugggh, sorry, I'm going to be like another 20 minutes.

    8. Muttering under your breath every time the shooter missed a shot off of one your ~fabulous~ intercepts.


    If you can't already tell, I played defence. Goal Defence is the best position in this or any other sport.

    9. Screaming encouragement at your defensive teammate because when the ball came down your end, it was you and her against the world.

    England Netball / Via

    The best friendships in this world are between two women who played GD and GK together. You know who you are. 😉

    10. Yelling "REBOUND!" at both the defence and attack sides every time the ball was under the hoop.

    Getty Images

    And feeling a little low when the opposing team managed to get the rebound and not you.

    11. Skinning your knees and putting your body on the line for an intercept only to hear your mum yelling, "Get up — you'll be fine!"

    Pixar/ Disney

    I am a naturally clumsy person, so I fell over a lot during netball games. I also have scars from my ankle guards, a knee that clicks and my hips hurt in cold weather — wouldn't change it for anything though.

    12. Saying "no" to every social activity because netball was life.


    When I was 15, I played for two teams and coached another. I trained three nights a week, umpired two games on Saturday, played two games on Saturday and once a month, went to a netball carnival for that entire Sunday.

    13. Jumping up gleefully when the umpire FINALLY called the GA for contact.

    14. And pulling up your shirt when you walked off the courts to show your mum the string of bruises you had forming on your back.

    Paramount Pictures

    An elbow in your back as you try to defend the ball for an hour-long game gets REALLY annoying.

    15. Yelling advice at your teammates when they're about to do something wrong.

    Getty Images

    "No, put the ball down — you're the shooter! Let Jessica take the penalty! JESSICA take the penalty!!"

    16. Holding a HUGE grudge against a team from a game you played a few years ago.


    I got hurt real bad as a teenager and I still won't let it go.

    17. And finally, going into sudden death at the Grand Final and feeling like you were playing for Australia at the Commonwealth Games.

    Netball for LIIIIIFE!!!


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