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    29 May 2020

    19 Things That You Would Have Only Experienced If You Were A Teenage Dancer

    Catch me dancing 'round the living room, pretending to be Jody from Centre Stage.

    1. Being over-the-top excited going into Bloch each dance season and spending up big.

    2. Relishing in the dizzying ecstasy of upgrading all your dance shoes at the same time.


    Your Dad, however, was not a happy chap when he saw that you had a new pair for tap, jazz and contemporary — all for 80 bucks apiece.

    3. Imagining that if you just bought the right leotard, you would end up like all the main dancers in your favourite movies.

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    Like Honey, Jody and Nora.

    4. And convincing your mum that if you didn't have the right sweats to go over your tights and leotard, then you would be shunned by the other girls.

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    It had to be an asymmetric sweater, one size too big, plus pastel pants that were long enough to swish along the floor.

    5. Binging Dance Academy so you knew how to get that dancer ~lewk~.


    While also despairing that you would never get into the National Dance Academy.

    6. Feeling fancy and like you were a complete boss bitch when you upgraded to jazz boots.

    7. And then, a couple of years later, wanting to go back to regular jazz shoes, because the aesthetic was so much slimmer.

    8. Seeing a girl get fitted for her pointe shoes for the first time and feeling like you were witnessing something intensely spiritual.

    9. And staring at them in awe and wonder when they rose to pointe for the first time.

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    Literally my biggest regret is that I never worked hard enough to become a ballet dancer.😭😭😭

    10. Getting yelled at by your mum because you walked on the concrete with your new tap shoes.


    How do you want me to get into the building, Mum? Fly?

    11. Realising that jazz pants are the ultimate piece of comfort clothing and are way better than yoga pants.


    Honestly, while I was researching this post, I bought a new pair, because in the 10 years since I quit dance NOTHING has been as comfortable.

    12. And absolutely loving the way they made you feel doing your jazz runs from corner to corner of the studio.


    I am elegance, I am grace, I am light...these pants are fucking fabulous!

    13. Spinning around in the kitchen while you tried to remember all your moves and annoying your mum in the process.

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    Once, I broke the screen door on the shower, as I practiced my tap steps in the bathroom...whoops.

    14. Feeling like you could do anything in the world when you FINALLY nailed that one move you'd been practicing all lesson.


    This kick-bull-change can kiss my arse.

    15. Going to eisteddfod dance competitions and comparing your outfit to every one else.

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    "See, Mum, she has leg warmers."

    16. And pushing down the panic when you were only half way through a costume change and you could hear the start of your music.


    "My hair is still in pigtails and it's meant to be in a three part interwoven bun now, Mum!"

    17. Fawning over the older girls' tutus and taking turns to touch the fabric.

    18. Staring deeply into your dance partner's eyes because they're obviously meant to be your soulmate.

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    Just like the movies.

    19. And finally, the euphoric moment of stepping on stage and knowing it was the best feeling in the world.

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    Because, after all, you guys are dancers.

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