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    16 "Charmed" Moments That Still Manage To Confuse Me To This Day

    Despite everything, I would still become a Halliwell sister in a heartbeat!

    1. When they went back in time and Phoebe basically started the whole "cackling on a broomstick" stereotype.

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    First, she complains about it and then she literally decides to invent it. Colour me confused.

    2. When Cole dressed up as an angel for Halloween. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

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    I see what you did there Charmed writers, but couldn't his costume been a little less sheet-like?

    3. When Piper fell in love with a ghost and actually made me β€” and the entire audience β€” want it to somehow work out.

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    Honestly, I stan him more than Leo sometimes.

    4. When they time travelled to the future way back in Season 2 and none of it lined up with the rest of the series, lol.

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    Prue is blonde (and alive), Piper has a daughter and Phoebe is on death row. Now, I know that Shannen Doherty left the show, but c'mon β€” this needed an explanation!

    5. When the sisters meet their evil counterparts and Phoebe is sporting a mohawk.

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    I mean, it looks great, but also whhyyyyy?

    6. Also in this episode, Leo's "evil guy" hairstyle makes him look like a shaved pineapple.

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    I died laughing the first time I watched this and that has not changed over the years.

    7. When the sisters all got turned into Greek gods and Piper became so powerful, she could literally destroy the world.

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    In my book, if she could do this, couldn't she just jump on down to the underworld and destroy The Source real quick?

    8. When the Halliwell babies could mess with their mother's powers via (I'm guessing?) the umbilical cord.

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    I mean because blood and nutrients are apparently the same as magical powers.

    9. And when Phoebe's demon offspring literally gave her "fire" power.

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    Plus, apparently the bub was sentient enough to know when people were badmouthing its dad...while in the womb...for only two months??

    10. Which β€” fun fact β€” was also her power in a past life.

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    Why doesn't she just have them the ENTIRE TIME? Stop dangling the fireballs already!

    11. When Cole sent them all to an alternate reality and Piper became a leather-clad demon hunting witch.

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    I don't understand the get up? If you're making demon-hunting your full-time occupation, wouldn't you wear something a little more protective? And what does the choker add to it?

    12. And ditto for when they all pretended to be Valkyries.

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    You're meant to be fighting in the last battle at the end of the world β€” why the leather bikini?

    13. Also, in this episode they literally steal Daryl's soul.

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    That's definitely not okay, what if they had stuffed up? Daryl would just be dead.

    14. When Paige conjures up her "Mr. Right" for ~stress relief~.

    The CW / Stan

    He was her own magical sexbot! How was I allowed to watch this?!

    15. When every single dead family member came back at some point, except for Prue.

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    Okay, okay so we all know whyyy they never showed Prue, but seriously, her ghostly absence should have been explained.

    16. And finally, when Phoebe got married to a cupid they nicknamed "Coop".

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    It kind of felt like the writers went, "Oh well, we've put her through the wringer, let's quickly whip up a genuine love interest".

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