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    Updated on 6 Aug 2019. Posted on 5 Aug 2019

    11 Reasons Why I Am 100% Obsessed With "The Book Of Bitch"

    It's pink, it fits in your bag, and its message is SO DAMN IMPORTANT!

    Heads up everyone, there's a new guide out that's literally called The Book of Bitch.

    Ailie Banks / Allen & Unwin

    I am seriously so excited.

    It's about celebrating our womanly bitchiness and power, and I am OBSESSED with it.

    Comedy Central

    This is something we should all be taking note of.

    Here's why you need this book in your life right now.

    1. First off, The Book of Bitch is literally an A-Z guide of all the hundreds of bitches in your life.

    Ailie Banks / Allen & Unwin

    Like the Ambitious Bitch who knows the value of money, is smashing career goals and demands respect from everybody.

    2. It shows off all kinds of different women, including tall, curvy, Muslim, black, LGBTQ, hairy, disabled, fierce and sad.

    3. And best of all, it represents all bitches in a positive light and doesn't make out one bitch to be better than another.

    4. It'll help you find every bitchy version of yourself.

    5. By reading it, you'll be more aware of all the amazing bitches you still have the chance to become.

    Ailie Banks / Allen & Unwin

    As soon as I master the art of saying, 'no' to a Tuesday night out, I will be the most ~Unwavering Bitch~ you have ever met.

    6. And it simply explains the positives in being the badass bitch that you already are.

    7. It encourages you to embrace the fantastic bitch you truly are.

    Ailie Banks / Allen & Unwin

    The Book of Bitch is about loving yourself. It took me forever to realise that when kids called me a bossy bitch, it meant that I was a leader.

    8. And it talks about helping all the beautiful bitches around you.

    9. It's bloody pink!

    10. It's a perfect feminist guide with these awesome reminders waiting for you in the back.

    Clare Aston / BuzzFeed, Clare Aston / Buzzfeed

    You'll be able to take a little bit of bitch with you wherever you go with these feminist stickers. And yes, I have already plastered them all over the office.

    11. And finally, it'll make you proud of the bitch you are and the bitch you can become.

    FYI all the illustrations are from The Book of Bitch by Ailie Banks. You can grab your copy online or in store.

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