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    19 Reasons Why South Australia Is My Post-COVID Travel Destination

    I have never been more ready for a holiday in my life.

    Right now, in some Australian states, as well as other places around the globe, it’s important to stay home and avoid non-essential trips. We hope you’ll find our content entertaining, inspiring or useful for a future trip. For all other states, we still encourage you to practise social distancing and, if you feel sick, stay home and help to keep yourself and others safe.

    Also, before you head off on your trip, double check that everything you want to see is still open/operating.

    Like many people from Oz and around the world, I've been working from home and limiting my social interaction.

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    And while restrictions have been eased in NSW, I'm still WFH and satisfying my wanderlust from constantly browsing through Instagram.

    With the easing of restrictions, you can now: • gather in outdoor public spaces in groups of 30 people; and • make a group booking at hospitality venues for up to 30 people. Visitors to your home remains at 20 people at any one time. Read more:

    During my browsing, I realised that there's a state in Oz that I never before thought of travelling to, but that I'm now OTT keen on visiting: South Australia.

    1. Learn how to shuck fresh oysters and eat them right in the middle of the ocean in Coffin Bay / Nauo (Nawu) country.

    2. Head to the Umpherston Sinkhole and explore this limestone paradise.

    3. And, while I'm there, drive a little further along to the Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park, so I can snorkel across The Chasm.

    4. Travel with Adventure Bay Charters and cage dive with great white sharks in Port Lincoln / Nauo (Nawu) country — because why the hell not?

    5. And, at the same time, maybe go on a cheeky dip with some sea lions.

    6. Rent a car and drive along the Eyre Peninsula — for as long as I damn well please.

    7. And, while I'm travelling, stop off at Lake MacDonnell to marvel in it's gorgeous colour.

    8. Swim and snorkle with giant cuttlefish in Whyalla during their mass congregation.

    9. Stroll across the Port Noarlunga Jetty at sunset, because just looking at this picture makes me feel calm.

    10. Sip my way through the entire list at d'Arenberg winery and appreciate The Cube's architecture.

    11. Spend a weekend out at Kangaroo Island, just so I can relax for a tad.

    12. And while I'm there, try my hand at sandboarding because I already know I suck at surfing and snowboarding — maybe this will be my time to shine.

    13. Or, maybe I'll give the adventure a miss and spend another weekend at a winery.

    14. Order one of everything from the Coffee Institute's menu in Adelaide / Kaurna.

    15. And try out the cocktails at "Next Door" in Adelaide / Kaurna.

    16. Conquer my fear of dark, enclosed spaces and go exploring at the Naracoorte caves.

    17. Spend some time in Coober Pedy / Kokatha Country, getting me an opal and living underground.

    18. Relax in Rapid Bay, swimming and taking in those luscious views.

    19. And finally, hitting the Murray River, because I hear it's something that you just can't miss.

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