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    Here's Why My Experience With Marley Spoon Was Much Better Than I Expected It To Be

    Cooking doesn't have to be a chore anymore.

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    Now, unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably heard about Marley Spoon.

    Me and my partner Sam, decided to try Marley Spoon for a number of reasons earlier this year. It wasn't long after the first lockdown was implemented in Sydney and we realised we were spending waaaaay too much money on groceries.

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    Let's be realistic. For the couples who are on-the-ball with their meal-prep and who have the will power of ancient gods, Marley Spoon will be more expensive than if you were just buying the ingredients yourself. But, we are not that couple. No, we are the couple who lives too close to a Woolies, who never know what they want to cook and who can easily spend $30 on one trip to the store, just because we don't know what we're wanting to get and we're shopping while HANGRY.

    For us, Marley Spoon actually worked out cheaper. Because while you're paying more for what's in the box, it cut our grocery trips in half and because we already knew what was for dinner, we stopped buying those "I'm only getting it 'cause I'm hungry" snacks.

    One of the best things about Marley Spoon is its flexibility.

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    The first Marley Spoon box we got was a 2-person box, for three nights. While I just yammered on about how much we spend on groceries, you can narrow down our problem days to Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    These are the nights where we're sick of being healthy, when we're both tired and don't want to cook and the lure of a $30 trip to woolies for "snacks" is going to count as dinner. We specifically got a three night box so that we could cover our temptation nights and it worked like a treat!

    Plus, we didn't have to have the "you've got food at home" talk with ourselves, because we were actually excited to go and cook.

    Cooking became a time for us to re-connect with each other.


    I don't know about other couples, but not having the commute from work-to-home at the end of the day meant that when I logged off I still carried the work day with me. I was still thinking about work, I was still running through the day's events and if I'd had a bad one, I was still moody from it.

    Cooking with the Marley Spoon box kind of gave me that commute back. It deliberately forced me to tune out work and focus on what I was doing with my hands. The recipes are easy to follow, but of course, you're cooking β€” you have to pay some kind of attention to it. It became a great time for us to unwind as a couple β€” bantering, making jokes, listening to music and essentially just be happy in each other's company without the TV on in the background.

    Plus, the variety made it clear that we still had so much to learn about cooking.


    I have some go-to dishes when I'm cooking and Sam's the same. No matter how delicious they are, you can get bored with eating the same thing each week. The variety of recipes available on Marley Spoon made us realise that there's actually so much out there we can make.

    What Marley Spoon does is take out the grunt work. So, if you want to try a new recipe, they're going to get your ingredients for you, hand-deliver the recipe, and explain every step in the most simple fashion so you don't have to stand there wondering what "fold it in" means.

    Even on nights that I don't have a Marley Spoon box, my cooking is still improved by it!

    And, at the end of the day, it's adaptable to you and your needs.

    Finished meal, "Caribbean Beef Pockets" sitting atop it's recipe card

    One of the things I was most nervous about was signing up to a subscription food service before knowing if we'd like it β€” but I shouldn't have been so worried. You can easily skip weeks, unsubscribe or change plans with the click of a few buttons. They're also really clear on their deadlines. For example, if you don't want a box in the next week, they'll tell you the last day you can skip that week and/or make changes to the recipes.

    You just have to remember to log on and check your account if you know you need to make changes on your plan.

    If you need even more incentive to try, Marley Spoon is offering BuzzFeed readers $100 off your first five boxes with the code "C4BUZZF25F"! Check it out here.

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