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    20 Intelligent People Who Looked At Kmart Furniture And Said, "I Reckon We Could Hack This"

    Because shopping at Kmart is a legitimate hobby.

    FYI: These are all products from Kmart and if they're not the exact same ones as pictured, they're pretty damn close. A lot of Kmart stores are out of stock at the moment due to COVID-19, so until they're fully stocked up, this list can still be some ~inspiration~ for you!

    1. Turn these stacking side tables into a little bookshelf, aka the perfect addition to your reading nook.

    2. Paint this bamboo ladder, so it fits in with your colour scheme. It gives you a space to put all your beautiful throws.

    3. Transform this bookshelf by adding your own personal touch so it screams "CA-UTE!"

    4. Redesign literally any empty wall in your house with this wall hook to show off anything your heart desires.

    5. Organise the flipping heck out of your pantry to be both beautiful and space-saving.

    6. Reimagine this little serving board as a shelf and you've got yourself a cute, tiny tea corner.

    7. Or, make your tea even more accessible with this cutlery tray.

    8. Save the real estate on your fridge for shopping lists, by hanging up your kid's work on an empty space of wall.

    9. Fancy up your bedside table by creating handles from these jars we mentioned earlier.

    10. Make your own pendant lights by taking this table lamp and adding your own personality to it.

    11. Transform your kid's plain treehouse into one of elegance.

    12. Or, completely redo this little kitchenette to really bring out your kidlet's personality.

    13. Paint blocks from this Jumbling Tower set and create some dominos that your kids have to match together by shape rather than by traditional numbers.

    14. Repurpose a magazine holder to create a mini-shelf in your tiny bathroom vanity.

    15. Add a little elevation to your counter by popping in this shelf to magically create some space.

    16. Use this pretty little pink vase to give your straightener a cute storage place.

    17. Make a statement with these shelves so you can display your bathroom aesthetic to whomever's in the toilet after you.

    18. Or, if you want to hack these shelves further, they can be turned into a perfect little plant-baby station.

    19. Repurpose your coat rack (we're in Australia, why do you need a coat rack anyway?) and give your plants somewhere new to hang out.

    20. And finally, let yourself relax with a little bit of arts and crafts to snazzy up your plant pots.