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    19 Times Handwriting Was 100% Better Than Font

    Wish my own handwriting turned me on this much.

    1. These pretty science notes that make me want to go back to school.

    2. These notes that are so perfect, I'm not 100% sure they're not a font.

    3. This bullet journal, which is more put together and organised than my entire life.

    4. These notes, which give me big Wuthering Heights vibe.

    5. These colourful notes that immediately put a smile on your dial.

    6. These study notes which have managed to go digital and still stay aesthetically pleasing.

    7. These organised notes which are stunning, every day of the week.

    8. These mesmerising notes that you'll just get lost in if you stare at them too hard.

    9. These sweet notes that make me think of lollies and sunshine.

    10. This gorgeous print that shows you don't need cursive to write pretty.

    11. These fine-line notes and drawings that have me catching my breath.

    12. These detailed and extensive notes that I'm sure would help out many a person.

    13. These clipboard notes that make me think of the time and effort put into these studies.

    14. These notes which were obviously designed to fit a colour scheme.

    15. This bullet journal that reminds me that I can get my life together.

    16. These letters that are so perfectly sized that I'm wondering if they're not some sort of photocopy.

    17. This mind-map that is helping my brain make the smart juice.

    18. These beautiful blue notes that are making me want to study by the water.

    19. And finally, these notes which are essentially what I want my first baby to look like.