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    Madame & Yves In Clovelly Has A Mammoth Dessert That You Should Definitely Try

    My favourite dessert for obvious reasons.

    If you're a Clovelly local, you're probably already well-versed in Madame & Yves' delicious éclairs!

    But if you're not, then you should know that they whip up some seriously good desserts.

    And I'm here to tell you that things have gotten even bigger and better — introducing the "Eclairzilla."

    Madame & Yves

    Which obviously I love, because while I, Clare, may never be a bridezilla, eating an éclairzilla is like, second nature (get it?).

    This éclairzilla is four times the length of their normal éclair range and twice as wide.

    Madame & Yves

    With flavours like passionfruit, pina colada, tiramisu and caramelised milk chocolate, you'll instantly be transported to dessert heaven.

    Madame & Yves

    Get a friend to help you, or power your way through on your own — we won't judge. It's dessert time!