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    15 Bookstores In Sydney That Are Just Perfect For Bookworms

    If you ever need to find me, I'll be here.

    1. Sappho Books, Cafe & Bar, Glebe

    Instagram: @sapphobooks / Via, Instagram: @sapphobooks / Via

    Tripping over stacks of books is the easiest way to enter Sappho Books, Cafe & Bar. The store is jammed-packed with second hand, rare and out-of-print books, which are just waiting to be discovered. You can either follow the book collection up the three flights of narrow stairs, or you can duck out the back to the cosy courtyard and grab a coffee. And if you're a fan of wine, the cafe turns into a wine bar from Wednesday to Saturday night!

    With books, coffee, wine and some great food on offer, what more could you want from your local bookstore?

    2. Ariel Books, Darlinghurst

    Instagram: @francescvilabatalle / Via, Instagram: @arielbooks / Via

    Located on Oxford Street, Ariel Books is the perfect little place for you to fill the missing space on your bookshelf. It has all the latest bestsellers, with a focus on those beautiful coffee table books that everyone loves. With books on art, design and architecture, this is definitely a place to hit up if you're after something a little special.

    3. Gertrude and Alice, Bondi

    Instagram: @gertrudeandalice / Via, Instagram: @lucygrasso / Via

    Gertrude and Alice is only a short walk away from Bondi Beach, making it the perfect pitt stop for you to grab a beach-read on your way to the shore. The bookshop/cafe hybrid is full of cosy places for you to snuggle down with your book and your coffee order.

    Be warned though — after five or so books, coffee and lunch you'll have no idea where the day went. You might not even make it to Bondi Beach!

    4. The Bookshop, Darlinghurst

    Instagram: / Via, Instagram: @bookshopdarlo / Via

    The Bookshop in Darlinghurst primarily stocks books, magazines, calendars and DVDs for the lGBTQ community. They're inclusive of everyone, which is reflected both in the titles they stock and the characters in them. Plus they also have a ~zesty~ erotica section — so you can indulge your cheeky side too.

    5. Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore, Paddington

    Instagram: @ampersandcafe / Via, Instagram: @ampersandcafe / Via

    Just off Oxford Street in Paddington is a multi-storey bookstore cafe that has outdoor seating and a downstairs den that can play host to all your studying dreams. On a cold rainy day, this is the perfect recluse for you. Little landings filled with books and chairs will greet you at every pause on the staircase, while the smell of freshly cooked food and aromatic coffee rises through each level.

    Plus sitting on one of their couches or giant armchairs will make you feel like you've snuck off to Wonderland.

    6. The Book Station, Caringbah

    Instagram: @thebookstation / Via, Instagram: @thebookstation / Via

    The Book Station is a cosy store in the south of Sydney that deals solely in pre-loved books. From floor to ceiling, the titles are stacked! Peruse the shelves at your leisure while you wait for your coffee or sandwich from the cafe tucked away at the back of the shop.

    It's the perfect little getaway for those in love with literature, or who simply need a moment away from the city bustle.

    7. Elizabeth's Bookshop, Newtown

    Instagram: @issy_inman / Via, Instagram: @tessbald / Via

    Elizabeth's Bookshop is a staple of King Street in Newtown. Even those who say they don't love to read are drawn into the shop by the mystery of their Blind Date With A Book.

    Being the largest second-hand book dealer in Australia, they're absolutely packed with stock. And while it might not come with a coffee shop attached, King Street has plenty of eateries to keep you satisfied.

    8. The Press Book House, Newcastle

    Instagram: @megklawrence / Via, Instagram: @dead_letter_club / Via

    The Press Book House is the would-be love child of a coffee lover and a book lover. From the regulars who come in daily for their cup of coffee, to the pedestrians walking in off the street — everyone loves the cosy and comforting nature of this book shop.

    A two hour drive from Sydney, this is the perfect stop for you if you're travelling up or down the coast.

    9. Bookoccino, Avalon

    Instagram: @bookoccino / Via, Instagram: @bookoccino / Via

    Bookoccino offers more than just a punny name and good books. From events with authors and multiple bookclubs, to children's story time and live jazz, there's something for everyone. After you've had your coffee and found your favourite author, you'll definitely feel like part of the Bookoccino community.

    10. Better Read Than Dead, Newtown

    Instagram: @nightstand_bookclub / Via, Instagram: @somewhat.bookish / Via

    Along King Street is another great bookstore worth visiting. While Elizabeth focuses on pre-loved books, Better Read Than Dead is the place to go to for new releases.

    Constantly staying ahead of the curve, they host book launches, organise literary tours overseas and stay open late — so you can do your book shopping after work.

    11. Berkelouw Book Barn Bookshop & Cafe, Berrima

    Instagram: @bendooleyestate / Via, Instagram: @bendooleyestate / Via

    Have you ever dreamed of having your wedding inside a bookstore? Well, dream no more! Located on the Bendooley Estate, the Berkelouw Book Barn is a cafe and restaurant by day and a wedding venue by night. With high ceilings, hundreds of books and sweeping views of vineyards — this bookstore is a magical place.

    It's a 90 minute drive from Sydney's city centre, so it's perfect for a day trip.

    12. Kinokuniya, Sydney CBD

    Instagram: @kinokuniya_sydney / Via, Instagram: @zoefolds / Via

    Kinokuniya is a GIANT bookstore that you will 100% get lost in. Each time you turn a corner, you'll find another section, absolutely filled with books for you to explore.

    They've got a giant collection of manga and graphic novels, house an in-store art gallery and also source books and magazines from China and Taiwan. Plus there's a cafe in-store, so you can grab a quick, delicious pastry as you flip through your latest purchase.

    13. Grand Days Books, Records & Vintage, Kings Cross

    Instagram: @grand_days / Via, Instagram: @grand_days / Via

    This vintage store in Kings Cross specialises in books, clothes and vinyl. With such an eclectic mix of things, you are going to be spellbound by the history of the stuff you find in here. You could completely redecorate your home with everything to be found in this store.

    14. Desire Books & Records, Manly

    Instagram: @desire_books_records / Via, Instagram: @kochiesbiz / Via

    A short walk from Manly Wharf, Desire Books & Records is a haven for all your inner bookish desires. You can pick up cute and classy posters, cards, records and, of course, books. They host monthly "Writer's Rumbles", so if you're up for sharing some of your work, this is the place to show it off!

    15. And finally, Gleebooks, Glebe

    Instagram: @gleebooks / Via, Instagram: @adellesong / Via

    Gleebooks is what all good bookstores aim to be — a true community hub. It regularly hosts book launches, which are free to attend, among other literary events. Gleebooks is a major partner of the Sydney Writer's Festival, supplying the festival's pop-up bookstores throughout the week-long event.

    Gleebook's is every bookworm's paradise and consistently makes you feel like you're in good hands.

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