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    21 Bookshelves That Are Just So Damn Beautiful That I'm Slightly Aroused

    A wall is just an empty bookshelf waiting to be filled.

    1. This gorgeous bay window with books lining either side, which is honestly what dreams are made of.

    2. These beach-themed babies that make me immediately want to shack up somewhere on the coast.

    3. This circular wall made out of books that proves yes, I actually can build a house out of paperbacks.

    4. This bookshelf that manages to show off these gorgeous classic covers, as well as this book-lover's plant-keeping ability.

    5. This play on the word "bookshelf", which is straight out of Rory Gilmore's bedroom.

    6. These strong and sturdy floating bookshelves that double up as a fun bench seat.

    7. These bookshelves that perfectly blend in with their neighbouring stairs.

    8. These bookshelves perfectly decorated with matching pastel shades.

    9. This mini bookshelf/cart that comes equipped with its own librarian.

    10. This absolute masterpiece of a bookshelf that makes me realise I am nowhere near as creative as I thought.

    11. And just FYI, this Insta user actually makes a tonne of art with books, proving that bookshelves aren't the only way to display them.

    12. These full-to-the-brim shelves that make me want to snuggle down with a tea and a book I can't stop reading.

    13. This bench seat/library combo that we already know I am obsessed with.

    14. This masterful library that is so organised and looks so cosy that I might actually cry.

    15. These colour coordinated shelves that even Belle would be proud of.

    16. These floor-to-ceiling bad boys that would keep me occupied for days.

    17. This tiny little shack which is practically ONLY a bookshelf.

    18. This pop of colour that would make all the difference on a dreary day.

    19. This stairway that will carry me to all my deepest desires.

    20. These perfectly cut shelves that make use of every single inch of space.

    21. And finally, this gorgeous set up that makes me dream of the day when I too will have a ladder and a doggo.