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    "All About Women" Is Exactly What You Should Do For IWD This Year In Sydney

    Count me in!

    If you're wanting to celebrate International Women's Day this year, take a squiz at the "All About Women" festival at the Sydney Opera House.

    The feminist festival is dedicated to celebrating women with talks, panels, workshops and free events.

    Here are a few events that are sure to get you excited:

    1. Abusive Cultures with Jess Hill and Sanam Maher.

    2. Blak Matriarchies with Paola Balla, Amelia Kunoth-Monks and Kirli Saunders.

    3. Green With Rage with Yael Stone, Amelia Telford and Jean Hinchliffe.

    4. Rethinking Beauty with Bri Lee & Carly Findlay OAM.

    5. Working Bitches Working Title by The Working Bitches

    If you're interested in finding out more, the full program can be found here.