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    Get Ready For Aldi's Alcoholic Advent Calendars, Because They're Back Baby

    Oh, give me that sweet gin juice.

    Now, as Aussies, we all know that Aldi has a bit of a cult following.

    It's the kind of place you step into and then realise that your local shopping centre has been hiding some sort of Narnia.

    That centre bin that has absolutely everything that you've ever needed is nothing short of "Room of Requirment-esque".

    And because 2020 has been just...a rough year — I am pleased to report some good news from Aldi.

    They're bringing back the alcoholic advent calendars, baby!

    For the beer lovers out there, choose between the Hoppy Christmas Beer Advent Calendar 24pk or the 12 Days of Craftmas Pack.

    And for those who could use something a little bit harder, choose between these three gin calendars.

    Christmas might still be a little way off, but these advent calendars sure will make the time go faster!