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    19 Things Every Sports Hating Person Has Experienced In A Sports Loving Relationship

    Especially when you're not that into it yourself.

    1. You're constantly surprised by all the sport and competitions you never knew about.

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    It's not just cricket. No, it's the Ashes, the 2020 (still don't know what that is) and the Big Bash.

    2. And you're expected to follow all the competitions and know who to cheer for.

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    Babe, please just tell me which colour I'm going for.

    3. Your sleep schedule is fucked because you have to wake up early to watch British football.


    It's 3 a.m. and all I can see are blurry football players.

    4. You're ashamed to admit that many a night out you've ended up at the casino.


    Because it's the only place that has the NFL playing on the big screen.

    5. You're shocked to find out how much sports jerseys actually cost.


    All I wanted to do was buy a thoughtful gift for my partner, not drain my bank account.

    6. You know your partner's look of disgust well after you've asked them hundreds of inane questions.


    Why is it only that player down the end who can use his hands?

    7. Including the ones about their sporting history.


    Did you have a victory dance you used to do in high school? Please tell me and then show me.

    8. You're confused as to why athletes are suddenly ~celebrities.~


    "What movie was that guy in again?"

    "He wasn't in a movie! He played in the NFL!!!"

    9. You find yourself at various sport matches for birthdays, Christmas and just for a ~fun Saturday~.


    Although I have to admit, the atmosphere is a lot better when watching it live.

    10. Your partner gets over-the-top excited when you mention you're taking up a sport.

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    Relax, honey, it's just a corporate social netball comp.

    11. And then they immediately ask if they can be the team coach.


    You don't even play netball, why on earth do you want to COACH the team???

    12. You have to hide the fact that you're actually checking out the players by pretending to follow the game.

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    "Hey, sweetie...what's the name of number four?" *Frantically types name into Instagram.*

    13. You suddenly become the den mother when all the sport fans come over to your house to watch ~the big game~.

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    Wine, you truly are my only friend.

    14. And you get really good at having emergency consoling snacks on hand in case your partner's team loses.

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    "Oh babe, I'm so sorry. Here, have some chips and dip."

    15. You become a pro at exclaiming at the right moments, so you can pretend that you've been paying attention.


    *Looks up from phone.* "Whooooooooo!"

    16. You're surprised, on the rare occasions, when you're following along and you actually understand what's happening.


    It's like you've learnt the rules of NFL through osmosis.

    17. And you've never seen more love in your partner's eyes than after you say, "Babe, wasn't that player offside?"

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    Honestly, sometimes it looks like they're about to propose on the spot.

    18. You have a mnemonic device to remember all your partner's favourite teams.

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    And you sing along to it in your head before asking how the team is going.

    19. And finally, you can't help but be happy when their team wins because they're so happy and cute when they're doing celebratory dances.


    Yayyyy! The green team won, right?

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